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Secret Superstar: Greg Hardy

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BuckNaked    70

I hope he has the success he deserves. I met him in the middle of the lockout last year at boardwalk billy's. He is completely down to earth and genuine guy. The bar was packed and I was the only one in the whole place who recognized him so maybee that helped but he signed my Panthers hoodie and talked to me for a good while. He did have some fine ladies with him but dude really just as cool he could be. I would love for him to pan out because a down to earth superstar along with the other amazing athletes on this team could really take us to the top of the food chain.

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ladypanther    5,155

No offseason last year, he had little training camp/bike wreck.....Sounds like he has been working hard, adding 20 lbs of muscle. This could be a big year for him.

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Frizzy350    1,120

I mentioned in another thread a while back that Hardy often had a gassed look to him during games last year. Whether it was hands on the hips or even his body language when he'd come off the field he just looked a little out of breath, moreso than most guys do when they take a breather. This isn't to turn this into an argument over his weight or his stamina or anything, just an observation.

However, this could be one of the reasons that the FO took Kuechly instead of a guy like Coples. They may have decided Hardy can be a dominant beast, but only when his tank isn't on empty obviously. Also coincides with what some guys said about Rivera not wanting Hardy to play too heavy last year. Time will tell but I'd rather have a fresh Greg Hardy for 70% of snaps than a tired one for 90%.

that actually makes sense. if spent our top 10 pick on coples, we'd basically be stating that coples needs to start. anyone you take with a top 10 pick outside of quarterback is expected to be an immediate starter. we probably thought it was better value to just draft a guy who could spell hardy, and let hardy continue to develop and be either a solid starter or breakout player.

kuechly will also help mask some of those difficulties defending the run.

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pantherclaw    3,146

I don't know about the rest of the huddle, but the idea of Hardy being bigger and stronger, while remaining quick, is pretty exciting thing to think about.

He should now have the strength to man handle his blockers, while having the speed to still be a good pass rusher.

He should be much kmproved, both in the run game and rushing the passer, while hopefully becoming a consistent player.

With it being his third year, this should be the season he becomes the player that I've hoped he would become...maybe even better.

We'll see.

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