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Sonicsgate Chronicles

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Sonicsgate chronicles the Seattle SuperSonics relocation to Oklahoma City, focusing on the more scandalous corporate and political reasons why the Sonics left Seattle and became the Oklahoma City Thunder in July 2008.[10] The film contains interviews with former Sonics figures and fans including Gary Payton, George Karl, Wally Walker, Kevin Calabro, Sherman Alexie and others. It also contains local news and press conference footage.

Bob Condotta of The Seattle Times gave Sonicsgate three and a half out of four stars stating that Sonicsgate is “more than a sports film” that “reveals some larger truths about the government and big business, that ultimately everything comes down to ego, power, and money.” [27] Mike Seely of the Seattle Weekly added that Sonicsgate is “equal parts enlightening, tragic, and cathartic.” [28]

Preston Bounds of Sports Business Journal praised Sonicsgate for successfully displaying that “virtually no team, however entrenched in their community, is immune to the economic and political forces that could take them elsewhere at any moment.” [29]

Matt Lawyue of SLAM Magazine added that Sonicsgate is a "must-watch film for any basketball fan.” [30]

Scary and heartbreaking for any NBA fan. Thought it would be especially relevant to fans in the Charlotte region. Not a short view, the film runs almost two hours, but I agree with Matt Lawyue, it is a "must-watch film" for those that care about our sports teams. Plenty of villains in this tale.

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    • It's because you, unlike the op and the posters above are sane.
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    • who gives a poo about character development? i was 3-5 years old. i only care for the nostalgia. it's going to be hard to inject that into a show that was so obviously geared towards children. it would be like sesame street spending a whole season having elmo ponder his existence in the universe and his own sexuality.    plus most of the main cast got replaced by the third season. i should know. i have a green ranger and white ranger beeper. i was not watching it by the time they switched him to the red ranger. but i was such a big fuging fan of the green ranger. i wanted long hair like he had at that time. yeeeaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh