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Predicting the Statistics for the 2012-13 Season

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Cam Newton- 300/473(63.4%), 3991 yds(8.4YPA)29 TD, 12 INT

Derek Anderson- 23/38(60.5%), 349 yds(9.2YPA)2 TD, 2 INT

Clausen- LOL


Jonathon Stewart- 182 carries, 1028 yds(5.6AVG), 10 TD

DeAngelo Williams- 169 carries, 902 yds(5.3AVG), 5 TD

Cam Newton- 68 carries, 415 yds(6.1AVG), 3 TD

Mike Tolbert- 63 carries, 238 yds(3.8AVG), 7 TD

Josh Vaughn- 14 carries, 64yds(4.6AVG), 0 TD

(Mike Tolbert takes over Cam's goal-line situations)


Steve Smith- 66 rec, 1125 yds(17.0 YD/REC), 9 TD

Brandon LaFell- 64 rec, 1012 yds(15.8 YD/REC), 7 TD

Greg Olsen 48 rec, 610 yds(12.7 YD/REC), 5 TD

David Gettis- 39 rec, 540 yds(13.8 YD/REC), 4 TD

Jonathon Stewart- 33 rec, 305 yds(9.5 YD/REC), 1 TD

Gary Barnidge- 23 rec, 293 yds(12.7 YD/REC), 2 TD

Deangelo Williams- 21 rec, 155 yds(7.8 YD/REC), 1 TD

Mike Tolbert- 15 rec, 111 yds(7.4 YD/REC), 2 TD

Joe Adams- 10 rec, 145 yds(14.5 YD/REC), 0 TD

Kealoha Pilares- 4 rec, 44 yds(11.0 YD/REC), 0 TD


Jordan Gross- 16/16

Amini Silatolu- 16/16

Ryan Kalil- 16/16

Geoff Hangartner- 16/16

Byron Bell- 14/16

Jeff Otah- 2/16



Charles Johnson- 58 TCKL, 12.5 SCK

Greg Hardy- 45 TCKL, 7.5 SCK

Frank Alexander- 24 TCKL, 3 SCK

Antwan Applewhite- 20 TCKL, 2 SCK

Terrell McClain- 34 TCKL, 2 SCK

Ron Edwards- 29 TCKL, 0.5 SCK

Andre Neblett- 25 TCKL, 1.5 SCK

Frank Kearse- 18 TCKL, 0 SCK

Sione Fua- 8 TCKL, 0 SCK


James Anderson- 164 TCKL, 1 SCK, 1 FF, 1 INT

Jon Beason- 152 TCKL, 3 SCK, 3 FF, 2 INT

Luke Kuechly- 128 TCKL, 2 SCK, 0 FF, 2 INT

Jordan Senn- 34 TCKL, 1 SCK, 1 FF, 0 INT

Thomas Davis- 27 TCKL, 0 SCK, 2 FF, 0 INT

Jason Williams- 18 TCKL, 0 SCK, 0 FF, 0 INT

Kenny Onatolu- 14 TCKL, 0 SCK, 0FF, 0 INT


Chris Gamble- 54 TCKL, 1 SCK, 5 INT

Josh Norman- 40 TCKL, 0 SCK, 3 INT

Captain Munnerlyn- 30 TCKL, 1 SCK, 0 INT

Brandon Hogan- 18 TCKL, 0 SCK, 1 INT

Darius Butler- 12 TCKL, 0 SCK, 0 INT

Charles Godfrey- 82 TCKL, 1 SCK, 3 INT

Hakuri Nakamura- 54 TCKL, 0 SCK, 2 INT

Sherrod Martin- 29 TCKL, 0 SCK, 1 INT

Reggie Smith- 18 TCKL, 0 SCK, 0 INT

Special Teams

Olindo Mare- 24/29(82.7%), 50 LNG

Brad Nortman- 64 punts, 44.2 AVG

(PR)Joe Adams- 33 returns, 7 FC, 12.5 YD/RET, 2 TD

(KR)Kealoha Pilares- 31 returns, 838 yds(27.0YD/RET), 1 TD

This took me 2 nights(about 3 hours) to complete, so the least you could do is be respectful. Just give me your opinion and you can even try it for yourself if you want. Thanks

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Can we make predictions about huddlers too?

Like how many threads X member will make about X subject?

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Guest Bwood

I see that you still haven't been banned for being 15 yet.

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I see that you still haven't been banned for being 15 yet.

I see that you still havent been banned for being an annoying little bitch yet.

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Looks like you have us scoring a little over 30 points a game. It might be a little high, but not unreasonable.

Overall, nice job at what is clearly just a guessing game. I'd be happy with those numbers.

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think tolberts numbers will be better, especially in yds for passing game, the guy will have 40yds plus a game rec.

stewarts n deangelo rushing numbers are a little high, with 4 (including cam) back getting carries is say it'll be closer to 700yds for stewart and deangelo with newton and tolbert around 400 yds.

i think frank alexander will have a solid season as well, i really like his ability. im thinking if PT is there he will be around 6 sacks

gamble wont have that many picks.

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I think Cam's range for rushing tds is 5-8. 3 seems a bit low to me. Likewise, I think Tolbert is not here just for goal line duties. He will be involved in the passing game too. I think you have his rushing tds a bit high. I'd say more like 3 or 4. Also, you have us at 10+ INTS...i don't think that's realistic. I don't think we will have as many sacks as you predict.

In all, the defensive numbers seem a bit inflated. I'd say the offensive numbers are reasonable in most cases.

Hopefully, this offense won't have to score 30 points a game in order to win.

Looks very much like you think Cam will stay in the pocket more this season (that may be another result of Tolbert in there picking up blitzes...). That would be a sign of an efficient offense, but what I really want to see are the great escapes that go for like 40-50 yards ( like that one run vs Redskins).

As long as we win...I don't care if its a 9-6 field goal fest. But that's not how our games are going to go!

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