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CBS: Ten players likely to take a step back

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Posted 03 July 2012 - 02:08 PM

I see cam having 26 passing td's and 10 interceptions..........

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Posted 03 July 2012 - 02:08 PM

I'm surprised Matt Ryan isn't on this list. He's going to regress this year.

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Posted 03 July 2012 - 02:49 PM

An I the only one that thinks this "teams will have a year of tape on Newton" argument is getting tired? No team that we face outside of our first opponent is going to spend the summer looking at Cam Newton tape. They will be doing installs for their own defense, and they'll watch tape on Cam the week they play us. If anything, Cam will have the advantage of watching tape of himself with Chud and Shula and seeing what things he did well and what he did poorly.

I certainly would not doubt the other NFC south teams are studying him.

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Posted 03 July 2012 - 03:28 PM

I'm not worried about Cam. If he struggles you still have a monster running attack to lean on. Cam wasn't an out of this world passer. His rushing yards is what helped him win the ROY.

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Posted 03 July 2012 - 03:50 PM

I think it's very possible that Cam will take a step back as far as stats.

That said, I think even though the stats may be lesser, the overall quarterback performance may be greater.

We started a lot of drives last year form our own 20, mainly because the other team scored. I believe Cam was top 5 in leading scoring drives for 80 + yards. Which is amazing, but that is far too many drives starting at the 20 imo.

We were the worst team in the league on forcing 3 and outs. So teams would also be able to pin us deep if the DEF somehow did get a stop.

And when we did force a punt, if AE did get a good return, it was always called back for holding or block in the back, the other times, it was watching AE dance around for a 3 yard gain. With a better ST unit, and a deadly return man in Adams, we should see less long scoring drives.

Therefore, Cam's numbers will go down in yards, but hopefully the offense scores more. I wouldn't care if Cam throw for around 3300 yards with 30 Pass TD's and around 5 Rush TD's. And the triple headed monster in DWill, Stewart and Tolbert split the rest of the rushing TD's.

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Posted 03 July 2012 - 06:37 PM

The only thing Cam is going to lose this season is the INTs

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Posted 03 July 2012 - 07:40 PM

I believe Cam's stats will sore this year. Last year, he really didn't have a legit number two target. Now with Gettis coming back, I believe Cam's stats for passing yards will be greater. (Considering Gettis is back to full speed) The only drop I see in his stats, may be in his rushing yards.

Yet all in all, I believe he will be great this year. Remember, after his two 400+ yard games, he failed to get 300 yards from that point on. (Someone correct me if I'm wrong. He may have gotten 300 in that Bears game) So if we can get 5+ 300 yard games this season, his passing yards will increase by default.

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Posted 03 July 2012 - 10:29 PM

I think it's very possible that Cam will take a step back as far as stats.

That said, I think even though the stats may be lesser, the overall quarterback performance may be greater.

Fwiw, I think its possible he could have a year that is not as good as last either in performance or stats, but still have a good year. And we could still be a better team.

Not saying that will happen, just that its certainly possible.

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Posted 04 July 2012 - 05:44 AM

Hopefully Cam will have a dominant year. He may or may not accumulate the SICK stats like he did last year, but I'm looking for fewer mistakes, esp. INTs. Cam had a lot last year and though a lot of INTs are tipped balls or just unlucky, most of Cam's were because of bad decision making. Also, although Cam did a great job of executing Chud's offense overall, I am looking for him to become more of a nuanced passer. In other words, stats can come down, but decision making needs to improve.

I am def. hoping to see more of a "teammate" type of mentality on the sideline. I want to see him talking with his linemen, backs, receivers, and coaches (probably smiling knowing Cam).

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Posted 04 July 2012 - 08:10 AM

I certainly see Turner as being on the backside of his career.

he's been on the backside for a couple years now.