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Brees gets his deal

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Our defense is pure poo, Mcdermont's system is laughable at best.

i hope you're ready for this....i'm pretty sure you're talking out of your ass.

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I've got an update on how Breesus' contract is going to hit the Saints*** over the next 5 years.

Actually no, 10 million cap hit this year :)

We actually got 6 million in cap room from this:

From PFT "In all, he’ll receive $40 million this year, $10 million in 2013, $11 million in 2014, $19 million in 2015, and $20 million in 2016. Which makes it, in essence, a three-year, $61 million contract with a team option for year four (at $19 million) and year five (at $20 million"

SO cap hits are

2012 10.2 million (3m base + 37/5 = 7.2m signing bonus)

2013 17.2 m

2014 18.2 m

2015 26.2 m

2016 27.2 m

So this contract actually opens up cap space for them this year, but then gets devastating for their cap situation from 2014 to 2016. They're banking on the overall cap going up from $120 mil due to TV contracts, but teams were banking on that this year too (Cowboys, Redskins), and look where that got them.

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Good, the Saints*** will be in cap hell. All those offseason signings with money they don't have, geniuses.

ReadyorNot isn't a panther fan. He's the same twat that started a thread about Steve smith wasting his career here.

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As a said before the cap for this year actually went down. It is essentially a 3 year deal. In 2012 he counts 10.4 million, in 2013 he counts 17.4 million and in 2014 he counts 18.4 million. Then in 2015 it goes up to 26.4 million and in 2016 it goes up to 27.4 million. Supposedly the TV contract is supposed to take care of that but you saw how in 2014 revenue will be flat. If teams borrow again on future earnings to raise the cap in 2013, then 2015 could be relatively flat and this would be a huge problem for the Saints**.

Counting Brees the Saints** have roughly 130 million committed to the cap for 2013 which counts 47 players signed of the 56 which count against the cap. And things won't get any better in 2014. Unless the TV contract does go up a bunch, Brees will be gone in 2015.

The window is definitely closing. With 2012 unlikely for a Super bowl, they will have 2 years to get it done before they retreat back to suckdom.

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Lol ***. Hes gettin paid 40 million to be on his back this year. Defenses are going to, bring the pain on mole man.

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