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Training Camp 7/29 (Day 2) Twitter Updates

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Guest Hokebuck

I was at pratice tonight and Armanti made a really nice catch in traffic, but doesnt matter cause he is a gonner. I am excited about Tolbert! He ran the ball several times, he is quick and he is low to the ground and gets lost in the crowd and then pops out of it for good yardage. My god there were some fine women there tonight!

For the App State fans out there you'll be happy to know that Armanti Edwards looked really solid yesterday. His cuts are getting better, and he made some tough catches. His main competition, Joe Adams, didn't get a lot of reps at WR yesterday.

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AE better hope Adams is not his main competition, because AE loses easily.

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Guest Hokebuck

I think the question about WR is turning to, are we going to carry 7 WRs?

It seems that we have a pretty set group that we know will make the roster.

1. Smitty

2. LaFell

3. Gettis PUP?

4. Murphy

5. Edwards

6. Pilares (KR)

7. J. Adams (PR)

But given the offense we like to run, and the depth we now appear to have at WR, are we considering taking 7? One would imagine that there IS a 7th spot up for grabs, given how many WRs are currently on the roster. They need something to fight for.

Based on the weekend reports, it sounds to me like Armanti Edwards has the leg up on that job, should it be available. Ajirotutu has been dropping too many passes it sounds like, and in general is not carrying himself well. AE also brings versatility to the table that Seji does not in the form of a backup punt return man or emergency QB ( last year they only had 2 active on game days) and Wildcat. If you are considering carrying a 7th WR, you would like someone who can fill multiple roles. There don’t seem to have been many observations about the other WRs on the roster, although it would not be surprising to find out that they have been more ignored than some of the household names that are on the bubble.

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Guest Hokebuck


As promised here are my notes from the Panthers 2nd practice of the 2012 training camp. For some of this in the interest of time I've just put jersey numbers.

  • After warm-ups they started with All 22 special team kick off drills. Returning kick offs was Pilares, Joe Adams and Avila. They then broke into position drills. I was closest to the special teams blocking drills so here are the players that appear in line to work on receiving kick protection:
  • ST kick return protection, players competing: Applewhite/42/82/Keiser/53/85/29/33/35/49/43/80
  • I also watched Nortman and Harris practice taking snaps from the jugs machine and placing them for a FG. They seemed to do it well enough that I could tell
  • I then noticed the QB-WR drills on the far field so I headed over there. This was the session mentioned earlier by others where LaFell missed a ball. All three QBs threw the ball it wasn't really hard for the wide receivers as long as they hustled down to the corner. Of course by the time I got over there after fighting through the crowd I say four plays and the whistle blew:

    • LaFell very nice back shoulder catch down the left sideline
    • Edwards had a very strong catch down the middle of the field
    • Green dropped a deep pass
    • Ajirotutu dropped a pass (this was not the one from Clausen mentioned in other posts)

    [*]They then went through the All 22 FG drill where Medlock was lights out on 7 of 8. Please know that even on the 50 yarders distance was not a problem, he had plenty of distance. There is a ‘BOOM' you cannot miss every time this guy kicks. I'm always leery of dropping the veteran kicker for an untested guy but Medlock seems to have what it takes. Expect to see plenty of him in the preseason as the Panthers try to add pressure to see how he handles it


All 22 Drills:

  • With Newton at QB:

    • 89 curl in the middle complete
    • 89 back shoulder down the left sideline complete from a 2 TE set
    • Williams drops a check down in the left flat
    • On a crossing route Newton fails to Anderson sitting in a zoen and Anderson makes a nice leap up to ****** the ball out of the air. Six inches higher and it was complete

    [*]With Anderson at QB:

    • Pilares snatches a nice grab on a comebacker in front of Butler; Davis had nice pressure and would have disrupted that pass in pads
    • Edwards complete on a crossing route, going up high
    • Anderson goes through his reads and then hits Murphy on a right side fade; sweet!
    • Murphy overthrown down the right sideline with Pugh in tight coverage

    [*]With Newton back at QB:

    • Complete to LaFell left flat when LaFell puts his foot in the ground on the catch and jukes Nakamura for another 10 yards of YAC
    • Newton goes through his reads but sees a crease and goes up the middle
    • LaFell jump early on a crossing route but shows good body control to maintain and still ****** the ball; his best catch of the day IMO
    • Forgive me for forgetting what these WR routes are called as they escape me at the moment, but Pilares went down the right side and cut inward and slide for the catch in front of Godfrey; another sweet play

    [*]With Clausen at QB:

    • Complete to Edwards on a crossing route where the ball was threaded very well and Edwards went up and got it
    • Ajiratutu was open deep by 5 yards but dropped the ball though it hit him in the hands (this is the drop everyone was talking about) If he had caught the ball it might have been play of the day
    • Complete to Pilares on the left sideline as this play was late developing; Nelson went for the INT but was a tad late with Pilares hanging on in spite of having his view blocked

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