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Guild Wars 2

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I know its still in beta but how much of a time sink do you think this game will be?

I'll probably end up buying it, anyone down for making a huddler's guild :P

well you don't need to spend an inordinate amount of time just to get the best gear or anything like that. i'm going to sink a lot of my time into it but just because it's been so fun to play, not really because I'm required to to be competitive in any tournament or world battles. The "endgame" gear plateaus at a level that isn't very hard to reach(and that level can be acquired through crafting, wvwvw, dungeons etc). The tournament 5v5 pvp sets you to max level with every stat option available and you earn gear skin rewards through winning(which I will also say this game has more unique and cool looks for the different gear sets then any mmo i've seen. The biggest of "time sinks" will be getting dungeon gear sets in pve, and the legendary weapons; but these are not any stronger then what you can get outside of doing other activities they just have interesting looks or effects to them.

You are always going to feel like you are accomplishing something; rushing to the end so you can get stronger should never be the goal since everything you are doing is worth it and max level stuff is just part of the enjoyment not the whole thing.

I think I'll be on Jade Quarry with some WvWvW alliance but it might depend on if they switch on the last second.

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