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The Saltman

Boat Shoes, Penny Loafers,.. Stop editing my title.

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Considering the arches of my feet are only rivaled by those of a McDonalds sign, I have never considered such shoes but everytime I look at them they remind me of my father. And yes he has a boat. What exactly do you wear with boat shoes? Some linen Tommy Bahama pants come to mind but that is about it. Please educate me in boat shoes and penny loafers and their relationship to the fashion world.

Thanks in advance,

J Rock

I wear mine to the office with Khaki pants or linen pants. Sometimes silk Tommy Bahamas but not normally.

That's on dress down days, other days it's that type loafer with same set up. Some days is button down brooks brothers shirts, others it polo style golf shirts.

I am from the beach, I have a boat, I fish a lot, I bang sorority girls, it's my life.

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Get these if you must.


After the last 4 sets of your shoes that I have seen, I hope you are 15 years old.

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Looking to buy some. Casual preferred with jeans and shorts. Any of you guys own some and if so how do you like them?.

These are the ones I'm looking at.. Let me know which you think are better.



The loafers are extremely sharpe. I would wear these.

The sperrys are played out and should only be worn by

1. People on a boat/own a boat.

2. Doucher 20 year old frat boys.

Salty I've seen pictures of you from Boo and I wouldn't suggest the sperrys. They don't look like your style.

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be different, wear these, you will be a hit with the boating crowd and isn't that what really matters


I don't think I could ever wear these. I've heard they are extremely comfortable. I talked to some dude at our pool last summer who was wearing them in the pool and he said that's all he uses them for.

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