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Fantasy Time

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Need yall's help on draft advice here...We are in a PPR keeper league that does not have to give up draft choices with who we keep. here are how the scoring goes

WR,RB,TE-10 yards per point; 6 points at 125 yards; 8 points at 200 yards; 15 points at 250 yards

so i think when i pick here will be the BPA..

Julio Jones

Ryan Matthews

Darren McFadden

Jimmy Graham

Rob Gronk.

My keepers are.....Cam Newton, AP,Calvin Johnson

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I would have to go with Ryan Mathews. I always go BPA and try to stay away from need but in this case its both need and BPA. With AP playing on 1 leg and everything you need a reliable #1 back and if AP somehow looks like himself at all this year that will be a huge bonus. We have to assume they all stay healthy and if so the rb will be more valuable bc of rushing and catches. I trust mathews more than DMC to stay healthy though.

Compared to the WR and 2 TE that will likely all be around 80 catches 1200-1300 yards and 12 tds. That could obviously fluctuate between the 3 but then you look at Mathews and his rushing should cancel most of those points out with say 1300 rushing yards and 12 td then the catches are the difference really. I project him at like 50 catches 450 yards and 3 td.

Also could replace and aging and injury prone Peterson as keeper

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i can agree with some of that.....other than AP only had one major injury compared to matthews that has not ever came close to playing whole season. I like the potential of Graham, only played football for 3 years!!!!! He will be Brees favorite target and the sky is the limit for this guy. In a pass first NFL and then to get a guy that could be a legit #1 WR as a TE i just feel could have huge value on a fantasy team for years to come....

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AP had another major injury in college and mathews has had "not in shape" issues like hammy and groin. All minor plus he is a little younger but a ton less wear and tear on body. Graham is interesting and could be beast but overall a rb that catches a lot as well is more valuable

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