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youngest panther fan ever

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cool stuff. congrats.

my daughter just had her 5th birthday a few days ago. in fact we had the texans game playing in the "background" at her party. my wife reminded me and my daughter that when my daughter was 1 day old she and i laid on the extra bed in the room and watched the panthers play the giants in preseason. i know she was watching...or at least she was looking in the direction of the tv but that's good enough for me. the day before she was born my wife and i were at training camp. :)

i love seeing new generations of panther fans being born. keep on procreating, panthers mafia.

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My 12 hour old beautiful daughter Adley Rose Steward reppin' her Cam Newton Jersey and me wearing my panthers team shirt. Been a fan for about 13 years now and I've never been more excited about an upcoming season then now, the defense coming back full force, Luke Kuechly, who looked great in his short time during our first preseason game, and one of the most electrifying offenses with cam, smith, lafell and our insane backfield. I'm just glad to have a new die hard fan in my family.post-12546-0-24346300-1344993657_thumb.j

Congrats on the addition to the family.

Remember to treasure every minute with her......they grow up FAST.

I remember when my oldest son was born like it was yesterday.....now he is entering High School and will be out of the house in only 4 years.

Time flies.....and you can NEVER get those important moments back (I was in China on a business trip when he took his first steps.....and I regret not being there to this day).

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