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Where does the 2011 Panthers rushing offense rank all-time?

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After the first two games last season you would get crucified here for suggesting that the team needed to run more...people just wanted to see Newton throw for 400 yards every game.

Now you get crap thrown at you if you don't agree that the team needs so much invested in running backs.

crap is flying both ways and i'm prety sure we're all wading in it on a daily basis around here.

victim stuff is weak.

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    • From the ssa wiki part on its history: The Social Security law was very unpopular among many groups, especially farmers, who resented the additional taxes and feared they would never be made good. They lobbied hard for exclusion. Furthermore, the Treasury realized how difficult it would be to set up payroll deduction plans for farmers, for housekeepers who employed maids, and for nonprofit groups; therefore they were excluded. State employees were excluded for constitutional reasons (the federal government cannot tax state government). Federal employees were also excluded. Many textbooks, however, falsely indicate that the exclusions were the product of southern racial hostility toward blacks; there is no evidence of that in the record.[15] Other scholars have replicated and endorsed DeWitt's analysis, agreeing that the exclusions were made by policy experts on technical grounds and were not grounded on racial hostility. Rodems and Shaefer note in all other countries unemployment insurance programs "excluded domestic and agricultural workers when they were first implemented, a fact that the key New Deal policy makers were well aware of.   Interesting stuff. 
    • After eating clean for a while, I can't eat bojangles, way too much salt.
    • this is an old story that anti-progressive media is pushing. all that happened is she applied for a loan for the college, for which they're required to submit a list of their donations so the office knows that they're able to pay back the loans. she submitted the list but included bequeathmets on the donor list instead of as a separate list, assuming they counted as donations. that's it. that's the entire story. it's a minor paperwork error that comes with a small fine.