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Chronicle versus New Jack City

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New Jack City wins.

Rented Chronicle because the previews looked decent back when it was out in the theatres and as a high school teacher I'm drawn to some of those teenager movies sometimes. Plus I like any kind of movie where super powers are involved.

About halfway through my wife was on her phone tinkering with Facebook and I was wanting to do the same. I suffered through the end of it. Too bad...the movie had some potential but just didn't fulfill it at all.

Went to bed and was flipping channels and came across New Jack City, which I've seen dozens of times. Finished it to salvage a bad night of TV.

By the way, in the TV documentary of my life which will surely be developed after I die, I want Ice-T to narrate.

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    • I do think Kpassagnon is an interesting prospect that needs to be in the right situation to thrive. It just so happens that we have one of the best 6'7" defensive ends in the history of the NFL on a reunion tour with us in 2017 and maybe if need be, 2018 if he holds up.   Kpassagnon's attitude and work ethic is strong and tireless. His 3-cone and vert scare me for a defensive end, and that's not something you can teach. Being able to bend and explode off the snap to beat OL is not something that Peppers can show him, but maybe Peppers can show how to use athleticism to his advantage.  I can see him being just another Michael Johnson/Erik Armstead player or I could also see the environment here in Carolina benefiting him and he becomes a Carlos Dunlap kind of lanky DE that causes headaches along our DL. Kpassagnon's spider web looks amazing and awful all at the same time. I'd take him in this draft, but "where" is the big question. 
    • Essentially the same repeal bill as before.