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ESPN'S 2012 NBA Player Rankings

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ESPN's 2012 NBA Player Rankings (500 Players)

Michael Kidd-Gilchrist #128

Ramon Sessions #146 (2011 Ranking: 177)

Ben Gordon #154 (2011 Ranking: #111)

Gerald Henderson #184 (2011 Ranking: #242)

Kemba Walker #199 (2011 Ranking: #267)

Bismack Biyombo #222 (2011 Ranking: 301)

Tyrus Thomas #253 (2011 Ranking: #123)

Brendan Haywood #260 (2011 Ranking: #202)

Reggie Williams #283 (2011 Ranking: #283)

Byron Mullens #317 (2011 Ranking: 462)

Jeffrey Taylor #416

DeSagana Diop: #440 (2011 Ranking: #417)

Matt Carroll: #446 (2011 Ranking: #379)

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It is embarrassing when FAs are ahead of some of our starters.

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