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I look at this as a statement game!

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CRA    12,267

I think you underestimating our O. Smith not being there hurts absolutely, but we have weapons

With that being said, there's no need to a have any type of breakdown over a preseason game unless we flat out just look terrible. Just remember defenses get tired, so if the offense not helping them they will get tired

I am acknowledging it is preseason. They don't run Cam and the O in the preseason like they do regular season. Less dangerous. Textbook stuff...

My take woud be different if it were a regular season game. Cam would be more involved. They limit him in the preseason. So it is more than Smith being out. It is a milder version of Cam and the O. We will be asking Cam to hand off and make throws to our WRs in a more traditional aspect.....

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SauceBoss    356

I'm not understand what you're trying to say? We're going to get our asses handed to us Sunday?

we might. and its preseason. if we do, it's not the end of the world. but if we win, all the better.

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Tarheels23    740

I think our last PT game was against the Dolphins in 09?

Actually it was against the Steelers in '10.

NFL Network Thursday Night Game

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panther4life    2,360

imo people are focusing in on the op's statement that its a "statement game"(no pun intended). While I don't pay much credence to any 1 game defiing a season (unless its the superbowl) I do think some statements will be made.

Already been mentioned but Josh Norman, heres your chance to take the # 2 corner job and not just on nickel sets. Do you deserve it??

Also mentioned earlier but Kicker battle-who shows accuarcy and deep kickoffs under the pressure of the national spotlight.

Louis Murphy-Are you a legit # 3 three who can step up and be a number 2 if need be?

Lafell- Can you make plays with the best corner in the game draped all over you? Lafell is often the beneficiary of finding wholes in zone coverage, now he'll be manned up against the best in the game. Obviously nobody is expecting anything special, but can you keep him from cheating against the run? Will he respect you like your a # 1?

Mcclain- can we trust you as the 3 tech?

Edwards- can you stil stuff the run and absorb 2 blockers when lined up against Mangold?

CJ- You ready to face some double teams?? Aint no way the jets will leave their RT 1 one 1 against you all game.

Hardy- Can you consistently seal the edge against the run for 3 quarters? Are you really going to let others question whether a rookie 4th rounder(Alexander) should have your job?

Alexander-You flashed last week. Was that because of weak competion or can you be consistent?

Tutu- Do you deserve a roster spot? This is your last chance to do so against some real competion for more than a series or 2.

Edwards- same as Tutu

Adams- Can you continue to progress and make some plays in the return game?

Cam- your first game without Smitty on board, can you find your other receivers ,check down when neccesasry against the top competition and not hold onto the ball too long?

Amini- 3-4 D and they want to confuse you. You gonna block air like Wharton did against 3-4's, or are you going to continue your progression and knock the poo out of somebody.

Olsen- Your the vet of the receiving corps, can you handle the load and make some plays?

O-line- are you as good as a collective unit as many of us think you are? Cam's going to need some more time than usual this week, can you hold your blocks and keep the pocket clean a second or 2 longer than normally required??

Do we have a legit # 2 TE?? Anybody wanna step up??

Thats the kind of statements I look to be made for better or worse...Granted everyone should be hoping for the best.

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rayzor    10,658

No such thing as a preseason statement game.

With that kind of expectation, you will only be disappointed.

This, being the third preseason game, which the starters play the longest, is the most exciting of the preseason games.

it is the most exciting but it is still pointless.

coaches arent calling plays to win the game, they are looking at very specific things out of specific players that we really cant see when watching.

even if we get whooped but say the game fully solidifies who we are playing at certain positions (cb #2, the whole WR mess, mclain's backup, etc) then it's a victory in the coaches eyes.

agreed on all the above.

let's save the statement games for the regular season...unless it's someone fighting for a roster spot in which case let's hear what you've got to say.

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top dawg    8,857

Rex Ryan spoke to his team twice today, once before practice to calm the atmosphere after a "chippy" Thursday and once after to voice his displeasure with a poor Friday practice -- their last before a crucial dress rehearsal on Sunday against Carolina.

nj.com/Connor Orr/Star Legder

"We’ve been treating this whole week as a regular-season week," Darrelle Revis said. "We’ve been doing some things focusing on Cam and we’re going to go out there and try and execute them."

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iamhubby1    2,977

i'm worried about The Golden Calf of Bristol

Well I know you are obsessed with the shatter and all things shat worthy. Now we can add The Golden Calf of Bristol to your obsessions. Cuz he is shat. Right?

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CPF4LIFE    3,779

Saints** and Texans came out and went at it for a whole half tonight. Both teams offenses looked really good and seem like there ready for the season opener. I hope we can come out and do the same thing for a whole half tomorrow and then turn it over to the back ups, especially since from what im reading the Jets fans are underestimating us.

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