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Downloading MADDEN13 Right NOW!

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1st time poster but I've been reading these forums for freaking ever as its the best place to get news. No I'm not the troll PF4L. I was the real PF4L on the panthers.com message boards waaaay back in the day. Anyways I'm downloading the game right now. I swear to god if this madden is garbage like the last few I'm going to Whig the f out,

PS3 gamer tag kiddkrucial

Add me up

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Couple of quick hits...

Cam's Deep Throw accuracy improved from 75- 80

Jimmeh- 68 overall

Double Trouble- still both 84's overall

Tolbert still 89

Wr's: Smitty 95, LaFell 74, Murphy 73, AE 64, Pilares 66, TuTu 66, Gettis 72

TE: Olsen 84, Barnidge 68, Hartsock 65... Tolbert 78 should u line him up at TE

Gross 93, silatolu 73' Kalil 93, Hangartner 80, Bell 73

Hardy: 79, CJ 91

Edwards 76, McClain 72, Fua 69, Neb 69,Nwagbuo 70

Anderson 87, Beason 93, T Davis 80, Keuchly 81

gamble 91, Munnerlyn 74, Butler 68, Hogan, 67, Stanford 59, Norman 67

Martin 75, Nakamura 71, Pugh 72

Godfrey 80, Smith 72

According to Madden we will select Mare and Nortman as our kickers... LOL

Mare 82, Nortman 58

J Stew rated 99 on 3rd down back

That's what somebody that really has Madden does

Does the read option work? Effective?

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