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Panthers vs. Bucs full game on Madden 13

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They should have waited on the physics until next year when the bugs are gone

that would require EA to make some sort of changes by next year.. HA!

why r u the Bucs?

um, why r u the Bucs?

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So what happened with the signing of Benson and those other guys is that EA put schemes in the game, I saw some video where someone was showing the panthers rosters in the connected careers. When you start up the connected careers the overall rating you see in the player screen is how the team values the player for their scheme (this doesn't affect their actual attributes).

SO the reason that Benson is playing RB is because D will is a "71" and J stew will be a "81" Again they'll play like 86 or whatever they are thats just how the team sees them in their scheme.

Also our WR's will have weird ratings as well. Smith is still a beast with like 97 or something but you'll see that Lafell is considered lower than Armanti with the scheme.

SO. When the CPU is like "Hey these guys don't fit our scheme" they go out and sign players who do, which is apparently Cedric Benson.

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!7:42.. tells you all you need to know about this piece of poo

Yep. Maybe next year. I just wish they would create a game where strategy mattered. That is what 2k had that separated it from Madden.

Player models look amazing, but that's about it.

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