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Immediate Impression from that Dissapointment

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1. Despite being somewhat unimpressive, the Edwards wall is paying immediate dividends. Martin ran under 4.0 YPC. They won't be superstars, but they also won't get walked over like our DTs last year.

2. Frank Alexander was a good value pick. Guy can get to the passer and cause havoc. Good at using those long arms too.

3. Captain Munnerlyn is exactly the same as we always thought he would be.

4. This team is still intent on beating itself. Blocked punt was utterly embarrassing. The easy to avoid penalties didn't make things any better.

5. Every single time we got something going or made a clutch play, we needlessly fuged up immediately after. Holding calls that don't influence the play, dumb false starts, endless wiffed blocking assignments.

6. Cam's picks... well the first SHOULD have been caught by lafell, it hit him right in the hands. The second was on the careless side of things - Cam tried to throw that ball without adequate room to step up, he couldn't get it further to the sideline or further upfield to give smith a chance.

7. The biggest issue was what happened in our Jets preseason game - the interior line. Good god that was horrible. IDK if it's a communication issue, a size/talent issue or what but holy hell did they get rocked again today. Even the simplest of DT stunts is allowing guys to come in completely clean and untouched. Cry as much as you want about Williams or Cam, but our big uglies got whipped up front BAD. If this doesn't sort itself out ASAP we are not going to win a lot of games.

8. Medlock + the kickoff coverage did great. Had many kickoffs not make it out to the 20.

9. Joe Adams scares the poo out of me but I can see potential. Guy isn't afraid to get the snot knocked out of himself and has a huge pair of balls.

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