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What it will take to beat the Saints**

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Guest Bwood

It's gonna be a shootout. Supercam vs. Breezus, the best the South has to offer.

Our special teams will have to play flawlessly, and my adopted Panther will have to keep Jimmy Graham out of the paint.

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As a Saints* fan I will chime in to say this would be a good plan against the Saints*. I think you nailed some key items here. It has the makings for a good game if both teams show up and shake off the lousy performances of last week.

The offensive game plan last week seemed to just see how many times we can throw the ball. I know this is a passing league but we only had 10 rush attempts last week. And the passing game was either off or on with no in between. Brees was missing the mark wide 5 yards hitch routes to the WR's. Ugly ugly effort but then there were some flashes of the offense that is in the top of the league. For a team carrying 6 RB's (5+one FB) we don't use them very well.

RGIII did look great. For someone as accurate as he was I am not sure why they would run him as much as they say they might btw. I have seen you guys hit the quick pass with great success and if you get that going early you will move the ball at will. Our defense seemed to get better in the 2nd half but it is still a work in progress. Who knows if it will become a real defense or not. Giving up 40 points is a lot of points. Even in the era of this arena league type of offenses we see now. As for the refs..whew. Yeah that was a pick - one of many I saw on Sunday in other games. They want call a pick but they will surely call PI with no hesitaton. We had a bad one against us on 4th down that gave the Skins first and goal. Later on somehow a 4 and 6 ended up first down after a 5 yard call against the Saints*. But the Skins really did beat us and have given us fits through the years. 3-4 defenses are the hardest for Drew to deal with at least it seems that way to me.

Anyway I am not sure how this game goes. Coming up to Charlotte wtih a tag team coaching staff, a new DC could be a long day for the Saints*. I am not sure what to make of you guys either. The two TE's and Double Trouble were a tough combo last year. Did you guys change philospophy abit? I know JStew was out but you have Tolbert right? Missing Shockey maybe? Cam did look abit hesitant to run or throw on Sunday but the Bucs had him running on every play. I don't think the Saints* will be able to duplicate that same type of pressure. Or if they do it will be huge surprise to me. I may be at the game - where do you guys tailgate?

Lame to quote my own thread but I wanted to remember what I thought might happen!

Good win for you guys. Another terrible loss for my Sain ts. We are in a free fall that we may not recover from. At least not in a meaningful way to salvage a successfull season. Onto the game.

Well thanks to the security lines I missed our first drive and the ensuing stop/punt you guys had. When I finally made it through the security check the first monitor I checked out was just in time to see Drew throw a TD pass -- to Godfrey. What a sign of what was about to occurr. Begining of the end and a huge play. As for the rest of the game it was two teams still struggling I thought but you guys are definitely headed up and us down. You guys didn't get the fast passing game going that I thought you would but really didn't need to with Steve Smith/LaFell (boy has he come on strong) and Olsen running free downfield all day. Our defense is just a mess and although I hoped we could have the pass rush the Bucs had I knew we wouldn't and for sure we didn't. You guys ran the ball pretty good as well and Cam had that long run that was nice for you guys. On offense we are predictable as heck. Throw it to Sproles or PT in the flats, up to Jimmy Graham. Occasional ball to Colston and a drop or two each game now for this Morgan guy filling in for Devery. We ran the ball very well. The one play by PT inside the 10 was one of those runs of determinatino you see RB's make sometimes. You guys had better pressure on Drew than I thought may happen. That is two weeks in row he has been abused...he may not make it through the season if that keeps up. Thats about it for the game. You guys are definintely better than us at this point but considering how bad we really are I am not sure how to gage how good you guys are/will be against better quality opponents. Thursday game will be a good way to find out. Good luck in that one.

The stadium experience was very nice. I was abit worried as I chose to take by 5 year old son to his first game but the Panther fans all around me were very pleasant. I was in 254 row 13 and it was great. No heckling or cursing at all. Just fans having fun and pulling for their team. As a bonus the Super Model in front of us was chatty with my son all game and even had him on her lap by 3rd qtr...daddy was jealous!

See you guys later.


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