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Rivera Post Game Press Confrence... B4 the actual presser

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CRA    12,278

Rivera seems to observe more than coach.....he can tell you why everything isn't working.....

He wears that fancy headset but in 18 games I have only seen him one time talking physically to a coach or on his headset. He did correct McD early this year......but outside of that he just seems to sit back as watch the show

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Rip Saw    63

Rivera is good at talking, that's about it.

hes not really good at talking - he has a stuttering problem - guess Im the only one who notices

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Snake    4,331

This offense just doesn't work without Stewart.....that falls on Chud. 2nd week in a row we entered a game with essentially the Stewart playbook.....and the offense imploded.

I thought the D gameplan was bad.....but it doesn't help things when you has guys like Beason whiff on guys in be backfield for what should be big losses.....and they go for big gains. Miss gimme INTs when the opponent gifts them.

I mean when we are in position to make plays and don't......that isn't Rivera. But yeah, these aggreesive scheme is a myth.....we rely on Big Money and the front 4....and big money is good but not the type player worth the cash Hurney paid him.

Going to agree with you CRA. Seems like we have sold out on the zone read and cant gameplan other wise. Sad too because good OCs can taylor gameplans to anyone. Just ask the Giants tonight who came in and stomped our ass with a limping team.

I will also agree that our LBs have looked very poor and Beason was a Pro bowler. Bad tackling and angles have nothing to do with injuries.

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Bswcr    0

**** McGee is protecting his players. He should take 2 weeks off and quit. I really hate when coaches like this assfug Rivera can't admit why we suck. It's his stupid **** ass that can't coach. Face it fans 2-3 more years over Cleveland browns football

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