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I need to vent! I work for a vet and I am a kennel manager & vet assistant. I love doing what I do but I loathe the environment I work in and the people I work with. I'm unsure what to do and i am afraid to ask anyone I know personally because a lot of people I know also know the person I work for. The only person I've talked to about this is my family & Dan.

Just to give some background...

I started working for this place about just over a month ago. I was trained for 1/2 a day and pretty much thrown into work to fend for myself. I do my job and go home. I try not to buddy up with the other employees because they have so much drama in their lives and I'm not interested in getting involved with it. The receptionist is 25, a hypochondriac and was dating a 40 yr old who is now stalking her. My supervisor, is getting a divorce because her husband is a drunk and is abusive, they have 4 kids and she comes to work crying all the time. The owner is never there, he is taking a "break" from being a vet and has hired 2 other vets to take his place while he takes his "break". He has also hired the "boo-hooing supervisor" to run the place.The vet tech is angry all the time and looks like she could eat nails.

This place is the biggest clusterfug of a place I have ever seen. No one has anyone to answer to and everyone thinks they are the boss. The building is old, it's been there since the 1930's. It's falling apart and the owner will not fix anything. The roof is falling in and leaks everywhere. The plaster walls are falling down and has mold growing on them. Part of the ceiling almost fell on my head one day. All of the drains are backed up and the drains in the kennel need something done because we are talking about a lot of urine & feces just sitting there that wont drain. I was told to just keep pouring draino down the drains and using an old broom stick to shove into the drains. I have had a constant headache the whole time I've worked there. All those labor law posters and osha posters that are supposed to be conspicuously posted are rolled up and sitting on a table in a room upstairs where no one ever goes. The flipping owner has chickens in one of the dog runs!

On Sept 6th I was attacked by a boxer. My wounds required sutures and now I have to see a hand specialist. It took my supervisor until teh 17th to report my injuries to workmans comp and I had to keep on nagging her about doing it. I cant see a doctor until she reports it. Today I finally got a call from the claims adjuster.

This morning, while I was working the 25 year old receptionist came up to me bitching and yelling at me like i was a piece of trash. I tried to calm her down to see what her problem was and I finally figured out she was pissed because she thought I lied to her. She even threatened to punch me in my face. I was like who the hell do you think you are!!First of all, I'm not a liar and 2ndly, I'm an adult and don't participate in kid games. I didn't back down from her and I made sure she knew she couldn't treat people that way. I laughed at her when she threatened to hit me and begged her to do it, I told her I eat people like her for lunch! Later on that day, she came and apologized to me.

I told the boohooing supervisor that I still needed to talk to her, she just brushed me off and ignored me. At this point I think I'm going to get fired or asked to leave.I haven't been in the workforce in a while so I don't know what my rights are.

If I get fired or quit does workmans comp still have to pay for my injuries?

I have photos of how the building looks. Can I turn them in for unsafe work conditions? Can I get fired or let go for doing that? Who do I turn them in to?

My main concern is my hand. I NEED to see a doctor. This is my dominant hand and right now it's disabled. I cant even make a fist or open a door with it. I have a hard time holding a fork. I don't want to just up and quit this job since in need workmans comp to pay for it.

I have worked for some shitty ass places and have never in my whole life worked for a place like this or have been treated this way in a work environment.

I'm sorry this was so long and if you took the time to read it, thank you. Can anyone give me some advice on what to do?

This is what the area looks like where we give baths and give medications to the boarders.


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If you want to shut the place down let me know. Have a close friend who is high up in the department of labor. All it will take is an email.

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This is a spigot that sprays every where so they put a rubber glove on it to keep it from spraying.


This is part of the drain in the large kennel. It's disgusting and you cant really see it here but part of the concrete is missing. The dogs kennels are right next to these long drains.


Another drain photo. This is the one of the drains that backs up with feces & urine where you have to poke it with the broom handle, you can see the broom handle leaning in the corner.


This is the cat room. The ceiling is falling in and they have hidden the damage on the walls with posters. a



This is the plumbing from inside the closet in the bathing room.


This is behind the door in the cat room.


This cat is really old and sometimes she cant make it to the litter box in time. They wrote this note and put it on her kennel.


More cat room. The part thats missing there on the ceiling in here almost fell on me a while back.


This is the ceiling and wall in the upstairs bathroom.


This is part of the roof.


Here are the osha, labor law & hippa posters


The bathing room and medication room aka the kitchen


And this is my cat, Jorge. He's the most bad ass cat you'll ever meet. He lives high on the hog at my house. He'll never have to go to a shithole of a vet like the place I work.


These aren't all the photos but I just wanted to show you the nasty. I think I might be being exposed to asbestos too.

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Keeping that cat in the cage all the time like that could be considered cruelty. Seriously fuged up place.

Get a lawyer, sue the crap out of them, then call the county and have them shut down.

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Wow...that is awful!

Don't quit until you can find the answer to the workmans comp thing.

http://www.ic.nc.gov/faqs.html#claims....there are phone #'s at the top of the page..

Workers' Compensation HELP: (800) 688-8349 or (919) 807-2501

Maybe check with a National Human Society office about those conditions....after you know you are taken care of. If that office closes down and stops paying wc insurance..you may be screwed. Legal advice would be good.

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If you want to shut the place down let me know. Have a close friend who is high up in the department of labor. All it will take is an email.

CatofWar has a friend in govt??? No way man.

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You know, I didn't even know this place looked like this until after I was already an employee and then it took me about a week to realize just how bad the damage to the place is. If I had known it was like this i would not have accepted the job.

I've already filled out a online complaint form with osha. I'm planning on calling environmental health tomorrow for some advise on who else to call.

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