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Defense getting pushed around...

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Don't you think they in reality it comes down to both coaches and players? Why does it have to be one or the other?

Its not that even. 80-20 coaches. Its been a while since I have seen such poor game plaining and mid game adjustments. Tackling is on the players but when the defense and offense know what your doing it makes doing fundamental things that much harder.

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It's not attitude, coach's facial expressions, or the angle of the blade on the mower. It's talent, and we are devoid of it at the DT position and for the most part at the DE position.

Hurney does not value the DT position and has no idea how to draft, acquire, or hire coaches that create said pressure.

Hit the nail on the head there! The Panthers have been getting gashed up the middle since Brentson Buckner and Kris Jenkins left (2007). Kemo was OK but our best DT ever was the one we drafted in the 2nd round in 2001.

Rivera needs not give anymore excuses for Marty Hurney or the FO. You don't stop the run with linebackers Chico you need the big boys up front that can do the job and you know that. The Panthers do not value talent on the D line and it shows. We discussed this before the beginning of the season I think I even posted a chart of how few 1st and second rounders are on our D line.

As a loyal Panthers fan, this beyond anything else disgusts me. I wanted Brockers so I'm even more pissed that they overlooked the D line AGAIN! Marty Burney by your fruits we shall know you. Your fruits suck! Do something about it!

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