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Who Should I Start?

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QB: Brady

RB1: Frank Gore

RB2: Ryan Mathews

WR1: AJ Green

WR2: Brandon Marshall

TE: Gates

(not worried about defense or kicker)

Flex: Michael Turner


Russel Wilson

Demarco Murray

Martellus Bennett

Brandon Lloyd


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Which 3 running backs should I pick? Turner is facing the shaky Carolina D. Gore is facing the Jet's D that isn't that great against the run. Mathews is playing Kansas City which he usually has great numbers against, but Norv Turner said that he was going to have limited carries in the endzone because of his fumbles. Then Murray who's fairly consistent, but is facing a tough Bears D. Not sure who to bench this week.

Brandon Lloyd or Brandon Marshall? Due to Cutler playing like garbage because his line is on roller skates, Marshall hasn't been producing. Lloyd has been getting more and more targets each week but the New England offense is really inconsistent with it's targets.

Antonio Gates or Martellus Bennett?

Typically I would go with Gates here but Bennett is being really consistent and Gates is coming off an injury. My only issue is that Bennett is facing the eagles whom allow the 2nd lowest amount of points for TE's.

Then there's the Card's defense vs the Giant's defense. The Cardinals are playing miami (who have tannehill) and have been fairly consistent with getting points on D, but the Giants are playing against the Eagles and Michael Vick who's been a turnover machine here lately.

I have a tough matchup this week and need every point I can get. Advice would be appreciated.

I typically have reggie wayne as a starter, but he's on a bye this week. :(

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the way i look at it, marshall might you get 18 or 3 and lloyd is more of a 6-13 play. if you can afford the risk/gamble, start marshall. i really think cowboys secondary will do well and I would go with lloyd to stay on the conservative side.

I would go with Bennett. The eagles have good stats against TE's but imo, they havent excactly played good ones either.

As for the RB's, Gore is auto and jets havent faired well against the run. Matthews will do well against KC and even without gl carries. Turner has 8 touchdowns over the last 4 games against carolina and it would be hard not to play him.

imo, bears defense has only played one good back(lynch) and they lost. lynch had over 100 yards and a td.

this is another boom/bust thing similar to marshall/lloyd, matthews may have the biggest boom but i think murray is the safer bet.

so, Bennett, Lloyd and i think I'd play Murray>Matthews based on Matthews not getting GL carries.

Best of luck!

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