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Since we have appeared to have lost it, let's stop and think for a second.

Offensively, I felt like we looked good the whole game. We looked like an NFL team. Penalties killed us. I'm sick to death of some people saying "it's Cam's fault for the fumble". Well, then it's also Smith's fault for his fumble that killed a drive that looked like it had promise. It's the fault of all the false starts that killed drives. That one fumble by Cam didn't cost us the game. Sure, we would have been able to run out the clock, but we still ended up in a VERY good situation for that final drive by Atlanta. Nakamura flailed like an idiot and gave up a 60 yard bomb.

Defensively, I DEFY any of you to say that our defense didn't look impressive. We got after Ryan. Sure, we gave up some runs, but those didn't kill us. The poor tackling at times did, but that was more on tackling receivers (namely Gonzo and Turner). So, when it comes down to it, our defense as a unit played well. Norman did a nice job. Nakamura simply lost us this game, if you want to point fingers. 2 deep balls that lead to 10 points overall. You do the math.

Before the half, STUPID clock management. Period. No excuse.

There. There is your perspective. Feel free to freak-out and call for people's jobs, even though, on the whole, we did fine today.

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A loss is a loss. It sucks. It hurts. I get it. However, do one of you fuging idiots want to add something besides middle school statements like "killyoself"? Wait, this is the huddle, of course you don't.

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Norman may very well be the worst starting CB in the league right now. Naka was horrible outside of one play. Linebackers were complete ass with Keuchly getting an exception. Newton played well but continues to be the exact opposite of clutch. Olsen had a great game.

I don't pretend to know enough to bag on our front office, but our coaching staff is a bad joke. Rivera is midway through his second season and still can't figure out a play clock. There are no words for McDermott.

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