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Was anybody else foaming

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At the mouth when Nakamura gave up that 50 some yd reception from the goal line? How in the FUG do u FUG that up!!!??? It's inexplicable! He had two good plays and two Horrible plays. The last one being unforgivable IMO. No way he should start again unless there are injuries.

There are no more moral victories left in my morality tank... This one cut deep.

No other way to explain it. This kind of loss is backbreaking for a team... I'm tired of trying to stay optimistic week in and week out, but it looks like That's exactly what I'm going to have to do this year. FUG an A!!

As a fan, all I can do is hope that every other team in the NFC loses every single game possible. In a game like tonight With the Giants Eagles, I'm forced to pull for the Giants now... The rich must get richer and the Eagles must continue to struggle.

Luckily RG3 brought back the Redskins against the Bucs... Unless we can do the unthinkable... We're gonna need help getting in the Playoffs. I'm not counting us out by any means... Not after what I saw today... But I for one may have trouble getting to sleep.

Unbelievable how we just threw that damned game away... Incomprehensible how a Safety let a WR get behind him in that type of game situation! You can point fingers at whoever you want... It won't change the fact that we're 1-3.... Our team just gave almost everything they had and still came up short.... This one is a tough one to swallow... Must have shaken my head at least a million damn times already... FUG!!!

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Thought it was going to say when we punted the ball on 4th and 1.

I wasn't actually foaming, I was laughing because I knew we were in line for something like that anyway.

Its all you can do anymore.

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I feel much better about the Panther's prospects going forward tonight than I did ten days ago.

The Cats gave the Falcons all they could handle. No team will be taking the Panthers lightly after today.

Last week against the Giants the Panthers didn't even look like they belonged in the same league.

In my book, the Panthers have made some enormous strides.

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All I heard/saw on this forum was how bad or overrated Atlanta really was and how all they did was beat terrible teams.

Now we lose to them and its "its ok we played Atlanta well".

Which one is it, did we lose to a good team, or did we lose to yet another shitty team(according to yall)?

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