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Guess Panthers aren't only team to suffer opposing fan takeover

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I couldn't be happier having left the South.

Did you have northerners telling you to go back to the south? I never been mad about a southerner who moved north. I never understood the hate I've seen on Panther forums about damn northerners moving south. It seems to be a common thing. Not sure why.

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    • Pretty much. If you have a realistic understanding of what a backup quarterback is, then yeah, Anderson's fine. If you're one of those ridiculous people who thinks every team is three deep with starting quality talent except us, then you're probably not gonna be satisfied anyway.
    • Once again I said their secondary had better talent and by the numbers I proved it. You tried to pull in run stats and sacks in a vain attempt to find something to be right about. You should instead have focused on why he played poorly because as I pointed out it wasn't his ability so much as the system and the.lack of leadership like he had here with the coaches and players like Thomas Davis reigning him in. Since you clearly don't or are unable to discuss this in an adult fashion I will withdraw. Perhaps we can discuss other issues in the future if you can change your dialogue to a discussion of the facts instead of a mismash of convoluted logic and snarky comments.
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