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UCLA & Brett Hundley

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I try to follow as much as I can across conferences and this is one school that I see making big strides over the next few seasons. They have a really talented and well rounded offense with Hundley, Franklin, Rosario, & Fauria who all look very good this season. Barring being undefeated the rest of the way (hiiiiggghhly unlikely) they are a team that I can see really generating NFL talent under Mora and with a really young Hundley developing into a top program either next year or 2014.

So this is a UCLA thread...anyone a Hundley fan?


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    • Hello fellow huddles. I've been a Panther fan since 2003 and usually have had the ability to watch all the games until I started at a major retail chain store in 2016.  I'm also at the bottom of the totem pole there so I have the worst scheduling hours  (ex. I have to often do a late shift one day and be back at work for an early shift the next morning , always work weekends) and 99 percent of the time I'm scheduled to work on Sundays. Apparently there's already a bunch of people in my department and elsewhere who already have Sundays off as part of their availability, so I'm guessing this is one of the reasons why I'm ALWAYS scheduled to work a late shift every Sunday it seems which is pretty much a guarantee I will miss the games this season. I've got maybe 4 days of paid time off accumulated so I guess I could pick a few games out of the season to be off on. Logic tells me that I'd probably be better served to let that keep stacking and just take a week of PTO vacation in July or something but it just sucks ass being a huge football fan and miss most of the action for the first time in my life.  I pretty much had to take this job at least in the short term last year, or just take the job that was willing to hire me the soonest honestly.  Its most certainly my fault for majoring in a dumb ass unemployable field of study in college , so I won't waste time bemoaning my living situation at this point. I'm just trying to figure out of theres anyway to at least have Sundays off. I'm guessing I could actually change my availability with the company but that's going to murder my weekly hours , I'm already part time if I miss any given day during the week I get significantly less money for rent/food/other poo I need.  I live in a small ish town in eastern NC right now. 95 percent of the jobs out here seem to be at retail/fast food oriented . I've applied to alot of jobs closer to major areas like Raleigh , Durham for the past half year but no dice so far. At this point, I'm not even sure if its possible for me to get a non retail job. Its pretty much the only thing that I have experience doing and I'm 26 so.. part of me wishes I just went to a branch of the military like alot of my high school classmates did, or gone to some trade school, or did some on the job training for a technical career out of the gate from high school, but you can say hindsight is 20/20 as the cliche goes.  The immediate suggestions would be to DVR / Record the games which isn't an option for me , can't afford expensive  100+ dollar TV packages when thats  ten percent of my monthly income , I make ends meet with this job and thats right about it.  For whatever reason I just assume that the average huddle is middle aged with a decent steady job and income living near a big city haha. Its just my imagination obviously, and what I observe through looking at pictures people post and stories they tell. Even if you don't really have much input on my senario, let me ask you this, was there ever a time in your 20s or just a time in your life where you just didn't have the ability / means to watch the games even though you still considered yourself a fan at the time? 
    • What can I make of Cameron Artis-Payne? What I don't think I can make - barring injuries - is a spot for him on this year's Panthers roster. He may surprise, but I'm not expecting it.
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