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Somethings wrong with my ice!

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My ice maker is acting up so I'm having to make ice the old fashioned way, with ice trays. There's something strange happening in the process though. I've got some strange "rods" coming out of the ice!!

It's been a long time since I've had to use ice trays to make ice but I don't remember this ever happening. Does my freezer have a demon or something???

Here are some pics. What the Hell???



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The short explanation is this: as the ice freezes fast under supercooled conditions, the surface can get covered except for a small hole. Water expands when it freezes. As freezing continues, the expanding ice under the surface forces the remaining water up through the hole and it freezes around the edge forming a hollow spike. Eventually, the whole thing freezes and the spike is left.

A slightly longer explanation: the form of the ice crystals depends on the cooling rate and hence on the degree of supercooling. Large supercooling favors sheets which rapidly cover the surface, with some sheets hanging down into the water like curtains. These crystallites tend to join at 60 degrees and leave triangular holes in the surface. Hence, spikes often have a triangular base. The sides of the spike are sometimes a continuation of pre-existing subsurface crystallites, and can extend from the surface at steep angles.

You have grown an exceptional stalagmite. The pictures and videos I came across weren't nearly as impressive as yours.

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The scientific answer is yes, your ice is just happy to see you.

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