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Just imagine..

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i dont think anyone on here is defending Vick or truly wants him on the team..

what he did was cruel and inhumane, IMHO..

top dawg, i understand where u r coming from.. there are worse people out there in the world,.. shoot, comparing him to some of the scum he was locked up with prolly makes him look like a saint.. but we arent comparing him to to worst, we shud be comparing him to the rest of the players in the league that have slipped up and stepped outta line..

so in that light, is what he did worse than all the Pacman incidents? i think so, but to be honest- if u gave me a choice between the two, i'd choose Vick.. i think he realizes the mistakes he made..

That's a lot more reasonable. And I understand what you're sayin'.

IMHO people just throw that term out so cavalierly (even referring to themselves as thugs), but I have known some thugs in y life, and I can tell you that you would be loath to literally turn your back on them, lest they have you in a position that you don't want to be in. I have known people who weren't thugs who tried to play that thug game and literally end up in the back of a trunk, riddled with bullet holes (serious business). One can compare a dog killer to a people killer all they like. Are they both bad? Yes. Both illegal? Yes. But still worlds apart IMHO. We need to save the term for the real deal.

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he must have killed one of your dogs.mark cuban!!this guy is far from a thug believe that!

You have to be kidding>>>>Vick is the definition of a Thug.

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A thug?

@ thefreedictionary.com

thug (thg)


1. A cutthroat or ruffian; a hoodlum.

2. also Thug One of a band of professional assassins formerly active in northern India who worshiped Kali and offered their victims to her.

Some of you guys are going overboard. I see a thug as a danger to other human beings, and a person that sees little value in human life. I see a thug as a person who preys upon the weak, and bullies and intimidates people for hire, for amusement, for their own personal gain, or just because they can.

Vick was a "thug" towards dogs, but smoking the chronic does not classify someone as a thug. Neither does gambling or flipping a bird. Bad character, I can see, but thug? No.

Ok, I stand corrected. Thug may not be the correct word.......

Total POS of a Human Being....yeah, that is definitely more like it.

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Add in the Atlanta option play and bam!!!!!!!! Madden would be crazy with Vick on the team. Real life, nah I'll pass. I don't really see him getting another shot at QB, maybe another position though.

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