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Now That Everything is Said and Done

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Can we get back to the real discussions in the Lounge?

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Too soon. Gonna have to go through the bye-week and the "personnel" department on the huddle scouting who we should have drafted/hired etc. Wednesday of next week the rational discussions should start kicking in. Won't be able to go in full effect until the rah rah guys slit their wrist or whatever they do when they finally give up.

That is of course unless we win a couple of games, then all bets are off.

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    • My grandpa, who would be 121 this year, used to make the best cracklin corn bread. Long live the south!

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    • Man I would love to see that but neither one of those situations is happening. We are not trading both second rd picks. We probably won't get Fournette or McCaffrey. Fournette will go before eight because someone will trade up for him. Then we won't take McCaffrey at eight and someone will get him before we pick again at 40

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