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So I leave for a few days...

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And this place goes to hell.

Can anyone catch me up on what's been going on here lately, specifically Sunday and Monday?

Calls for Rivera to be fired? Calls for Chud to be fired? Calls for Cam to be benched? Calls to move the franchise to LA? All of the above? Are we talking a post Bucs game Huddle meltdown or a post Giants game Huddle meltdown? Did SCMunnerlyn jizz all over the place? Is Carolina Chuck running amok?

Any sort of recap would be greatly appreciated.

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Basically the same thing as always. Rivera is a clueless statue, Chud is a stubborn idiot, McDerp can't field a NFL defense, Hurney needs to be fired, JR is worried more about his pie charts than the franchise, Beason sucks and should be benched/traded, D-Lo sucks and should be traded, Cam is a me-first player who just revealed a new clothing line and is mentally incapable of being an NFL QB, Smitty is a hypocrite who fights too much instead of focusing on his routes and should retire.

Bring black helmets/pants and we win the SB.

Something like that anyways.

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