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Things to come? Richard Marshall

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well Gamble is a good corner but never has he put together a great season....nor has he proven yet to be worth the money imo.

he's no asomugha, but he gets the job done... he's had a few bad seasons (2006, most notably) but they appear to be ancient history. 2007 was a solid year for him and 2008 he was fantastic... rarely got beat, and hung onto most interceptions that came his way. if he simply repeats his '08 performance (and i think he'll actually improve it with meeks) and marshall benefits as well, we'll have two VERY good corners. i'm not really worried about the situation at all.

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what would make him a good corner in your eyes?

I said he was a good corner. I said he never had a great year yet or has proven to be worth the money we just paid him. He has given up big plays every year on a consistent basis....the only reason imo he didn't give up as many last season(he still gave them up) was b/c the other side was so bad and tempting. People attacked him less but imo it had less to do w/ improvement on his part but just a horrible combo of Lucas/Godfrey/no pass rush. He also has a bad habit of being in position to make a huge play....but can't seem to take advantage of it. He is a very good corner....he just hasn't reached the great level like most act like he is.

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