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Sexual Partners You had Who were Freaks

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If you were the one being harrassed by cops the other day when someone called in to report you were going to kill yourself and you wondered who might do it? I think we have a few suspects who might want to see you run into an issue or two, or three.

Actually as it turns out the girl I was dating ended up sleeping with an old buddy of mine for like the last month of our relationship, so it turns out even. We actually ended up splitting pretty amicably and have casually slept together several times since with no issues. Not for years now of course, but yeah we're good.

And for the suicide call thing I ended up going to the police station to complain and it turns out the watch commander was one if the last guys to respond to the call and he turned out to be probably the most level headed officer I've ever spoken with. He also did me the favor of confirming my suspension that it was an old lady at the senior center nearby that called the cops on me.

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