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Dash's Coaching Changes & Mock 2.0

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Here you have it guys. Enjoy

Head Coach: Dana Holgorsen (HC West Virgina)


Guy is an offensive genious (arguably the best in biz) and a proven head coach. And no he doesnt run some gimick option offense. His results speak for themselves.

1st year with West Virginia won big East 10-3 and won orange bowl in a massacre of UC 70-30

2011 West Virginia Finished #13 scoring offense # 15 total offense-prior year ranked #67

2010 okie lite #3 scoring offense #3 total offense-prior year #61

2009 Houston #1 total offense

2008 Houston #3 total offense

2007 Texas tech #2 total offense

2006 Texas tech #6 total offense

Made all his QB's look like All World. Could prob make Cam look like P. Manning out there.

Defensive Coordinator: Keith Butler (LB Coach Pittsburg Steelers)


Learned under one of the best defensive minds in the business in Dick Lebo. Lebo doesnt look to be stepping down any time soon. With that said we would have to make him on of the highest paid coordinators in the NFL which I wouldnt have a problem with. Make him assistant head coach as well.

Offensive Coordinator: Shannon Dawson (OC West Virgina)


Dawson is in his 2nd year with West Virginia working under Dana Holgorsen. Promoted to OC this year and is putting insance numbers. In 2010, Dawson guided the nation’s No. 1 passing offense (362.2) and No. 4 scoring offense (36.3), ranking No. 6 in total offense (442.9) in the FCS.

With the coaching in place time to look ahead to the draft.

First Round: DT Jonathon Hankins 6'4 325


Some mocks now have him falling towards the tail end of the top 10. Not sure if he is a dominant 3-4 NT. Thinking Johnathon Jenkins from Georgia might be a better fit as we will need to switch to a 3-4.

Second Round: FS TJ Mcdonald 6'3 205


We need some serious help at S. Lets hope Mcdonald is still on the board when we pick.

Fourth Round: OG Alvin Bailey 6'5 315


Will shore up our interior line.

Super Bowl in 2015!!!

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I suppose I approve of this offseason :) I don't know anything about the two college coaches, but it fulfills my wish list (hire a HC, not a coordinator, to be our HC; offensive background a plus). Anything on Butler that says he'd make a good DC? McDerp also "learned from one of the best," didn't help him a whole lot (he has shown improvement in his squad lately though...).

For now I'd be happy with Hankins, Lotulelei, or Jenkins in the 1st. We'll see where they stand after the season is over though.

Happy with the rest too. Let's just hope we can find a good young WR in FA, otherwise we may need to forego the DT this year (ugh, that would hurt) and take a WR in the 1st. If we're picking high enough, a WR at the top of the 2nd might be able to fill our need. In that case we'd need a FS in FA.

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Outside of proven elite DC commodities ie Wade Phillips, Ryan Brothers, ect Butler would be my next choice for a DC.

Would have to be an idiot to be under such a great defensive mind for that many years and not soak up some stuff.

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If he is an offensive head coach he is likely to want offensive players.. So I think you would see a Keenan Allen or Robert woods as first pick and then some defense

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I could see us taking Allen in the first. Woods is too short. Allen doesnt have elite measurables but is close and his play making ability is through the roof. Would not be mad at all with Allen, Star, Hankins, or Reid in the first.

But I am sure these guys believe it is their "system" that makes these players on offense and might opt to sure up our problem areas first.

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Be sure to keep a true tally of your mocks.

I want to see how many you can do by next April

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Guest Bwood

My early draft crush is Justin Hunter. I think he'l be the next AJ Green type receiver coming out.

The coaching staff you chose is pretty unrealistic but it would work.

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