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Irvine or Vaughn Martin?

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Until they start giving us fans access to the coaches tapes, there is no way we can know what the scouts and coaches saw in these guys that led them to pick them where they did. And sometimes it can actually come down to their personality and attitude if everything else is close.

its not hard to see why we picked irvin...tapes or not..we got him for his pass rush skills..

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irvin was a reach..there were better overall DT still on the board..but i think we took him because he had better pass rushing skills..and he wont start this season so thats all we will need from him for now

Well, reach implies that he was taken higher than his draft projections, which Irvin wasn't. So, technically, he shouldn’t be considered a reach. The real question was whether or not there was someone else available that would be a better fit for the Panthers, and that’s debatable.

Sure there were some better known guys, but each of them had their own share of warts and are no more of a sure thing than Irvin. The thing is, though, that Irvin is still very raw, and has the basic skill set and apparent work ethic to become a very good DT. So, while there may have been some guys with better name recognition, I’m not sure if there was anyone available with any more potential than Irvin.

Also, I think you are 100% right that his ability as a pass rusher is one of the biggest reasons why he’s a Panther. The team can be patient while he develops the rest of his game, but they need interior pressure badly right now, and that’s something Irvin should be able to provide...especially playing situationally in a rotation.

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