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Remember, race has nothing to do with it...

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Posted 23 October 2012 - 08:32 AM

Unemployment is not a function of capitalism, but a function of people.

The point that has been refused to be acknowledged is not that the existence of hard working poor people do exist nor that lazy rich people don't exist. It is simply that persons that apply themselves are far less likely to be poor than lazy persons by default.

I've seen FAR too many immigrants come to this country with NOTHING but their work ethic and thrive when compared to American-born citizens. In the numerous conversations with them, there is no mistaking their disdain for the unemployed having seen first-hand the innumerable opportunities in the USA compared to where they came from.

Were they millionaires? A couple of them, but with a LOT of work.

Your arguments don't wash because of what we see on a daily basis. It's like saying that Asians are "overrepresented" in outstanding academic scores due to their station they were born to rather than the work they put in for their grades. There is no amount of posturing/semantics/etc that will unmake that simple truth.

Only in developed western societies can people actually claim that what we do qualifies as a strong work ethic as a national community is concerned.

I completely agree with yoru highlighted point- though its not exactly scientific, in my experience immigrants (legal and illegal) are some of the hardest working people I know.

But thats where we differ. Most of the immigrants I know arent making much money. I mean, they make enough to live a good life, but they typically work a ton of hours and dont make much. Just because America provides better work opportunites than 3rd world countries doesn mean we shouldnt try to do better.

Also, frictional unemplyment is simply the unemployment that results from people changing jobs, doesnt have anything to do with being lazy