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THE Solution to our Offensive woes

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1. The read option is not working as our primary scheme. lose it or use it less

2. Chud went to using Tolbert instead of the two TE"s.Two TEs worked better for us- change it

3. Cam is having to put to much on his shoulders because our running game is not working. Start using a power running scheme

4. Passing plays are taking to long to develop - We need shorter routes.and routes that Cam can hit

5. Cam needs to focus more on his feet and work on accuracy.Shorten the routes especially to to the 2nd wr and TE.Use Smitty in the slot.

In summary our faults are really in the schemes we are running and not adjusting them To me we have the talent to be scoring 26 points per game but are failing to play in schemes that plays to our talent.We should have never let Shockey go in leu of Tolbert.

Cam is obviously not comfortable with our offense and routes.

Come on Chud use those brains and do what we do well

Rivera - learn offense or manage Chud

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Olsen has been open all season. Give that man the ball, Smitty needs to fade some. He's not the future of our WR corps. Then again he can't fade if someone doesn't step the fug up into his place.

The sad thing is Rivera came out and stated that this was and is a huge opportunity for us. That's something I wish he would have kept in house so the Cowgirls wouldn't have any edge for what we were probably gearing towards the past 2 weeks.

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The solution? Fire Chud

If Rivera does not become more involved in the offensive scheme we may half to. He needs to make Chud stop his wild ass experiments and focus on what our talent pool does well.We need more plays directed to Olsen and quit forcing it to Smith.Olsen has been open way to many times.If Rivera wants to remain a head coach he needs to be more directive to Chud and Cam.Changing to power running game would go a long way in picking up 4 to 5 yard games.

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The solution to our offense is simple.

Change the scheme.

The first and most important thing is make things more simpler.

1) Shorter routes that attack zone and man coverages. (Id leave on deep post on most plays tho)

2) Fewer formations. Keep it simple for Cam. Allow him start calling / choosing his own plays at the line of scrimmage based on the D he sees.

3) We dont have to go to power running to run the ball effectively. If the defense in playing the pass and soft up front than audible to a HB run. If the D is loading the box call a pass. If you see the D bringing heat audible to a screen or quick pass. Football is simple. Its just about calling the right play and executing.

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