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Who are you voting for in the Presidential race?

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Posted 23 October 2012 - 08:22 AM

that's interesting. here, you hold on to that totally unsubstantiated "welfare is slavery" argument and i'll see what i can dig up............

first of all, it is ignorant at best and devious at worst to deny institutional racism in america. for example:

median salary
white: 40,300
af-am: 31,890
latino: 28,548
http://maamodt.asp.r...ex and Race.htm

poverty rate

For non-Hispanic Whites, the poverty
rate increased to 9.9 percent in 2010
from 9.4 percent in 2009
, while the
number in poverty increased to 19.6
million from 18.5 million (Table 4).
The poverty rate for non-Hispanic
Whites was lower than the poverty
rates for other racial groups. Non-
Hispanic Whites accounted for 42.4
percent of the people in poverty, but
64.5 percent of the total population.
For Blacks, the poverty rate increased
to 27.4 percent in 2010, up from 25.8
percent in 2009, while the number in
poverty increased to 10.7 million from
9.9 million.
For Asians, the 2010 poverty
rate and the number in poverty
(12.1 percent and 1.7 million) were
not statistically different from 2009.
However, the poverty rate increased
for Hispanics to 26.6 percent in 2010
from 25.3 in 2009, and the number of
Hispanics in poverty increased


Posted Image

^^college educated black people were twice as likely to be unemployed as white people in 2009

-- Black youth with no prior admissions were six times more likely (and Latino youth were three times more likely) to be incarcerated in public facilities than white youth with no prior admissions when charged with the same offense.


Since 1991, 218 people have been exonerated through DNA testing, and in more than three-quarters of the cases, mistaken eyewitness identifications were crucial in the wrongful convictions, according to The Innocence Project, a legal group that has sought genetic testing and led the charge to free innocent inmates.
Of those, nearly half, roughly seven dozen, involved a person of one race wrongly identifying someone of a different color.


  • In 2011, New Yorkers were stopped by the police 685,724 times.
    605,328 were totally innocent (88 percent).
    350,743 were black (53 percent).
    223,740 were Latino (34 percent).
    61,805 were white (9 percent).
    341,581 were aged 14-24 (51 percent).
  • In the first six months of 2012, New Yorkers were stopped by the police 337,434 times
    298,919 were totally innocent (89 percent).
    179,449 were black (53 percent).
    107,812 were Latino (32 percent).
    31,891 were white (9 percent).


Apart from crowding prisons, one result is a devastating impact on the lives of black men: they are nearly 12 times as likely to be imprisoned for drug convictions as adult white men, according to the Human Rights Watch report.


The scale of racial disparity with the criminal justice system is shocking. African-Americans are incarcerated at a rate of nearly 6 (5.6) times the rate of whites. The Sentencing Project, Uneven Justice: State Rates of Incarceration by Race and Ethnicity 3 (2007). One in three (32%) of black males can expect to serve time in prison at some time in their lives, Hispanic males have a 17% chance and white males have a 6% chance.


While there may be some disagreement as to all causes of the disparity, is beyond dispute that the so-called war on drugs is a major contributor. African-Americans constitute 14% of monthly drug users, Hispanic 12.4%, and whites 69.2%. These rates generally reflect the social and ethnic distribution of the general population of the United States. Thus, drug use patterns in this country does not account for the racial disparity in the criminal justice system. Nevertheless, African-Americans who use drugs are more likely to be arrested than any other group. Even though only 14% of the nation’s population, they represent 37% of those arrested for a drug offense. The Sentencing Project, A 25 year Quagmire: The War on Drugs and Its Impact on American Society 19-20 (2007). While blacks and whites engage in drug offenses at roughly the rate, 56% of the people in state prisons from drug offenses are African-American. Id. at 20. Black men enter state prisons on drug charges at ten times the rate of white men. Jamie Fellner, A Drug Abuse Policy that Fails Everyone, Huffington Post, Aug. 10, 2010. As it relates to the infamous crack cocaine, while two-thirds of the regular crack users are white or Latino, 82% of defendants sentenced in federal court for crack offenses are African-American. Quagmire, supra, at 19.

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Posted 23 October 2012 - 08:32 AM

Devah Pager, a sociologist at Princeton University, conducted groundbreaking research in Wisconsin and found that black men were less likely to be called back on a job application than white men with a criminal record. The statistics went like this:
Job call-backs:
White non-criminal: 34%
White criminal: 17%
Black non-criminal: 14%
Black criminal: 5%


It found that in 2005, the average net worth for white households was $134, 992. For black households, it was $12,124. (That's not a typo.)

In 2009, the number dropped to $113,149 for whites and a paltry $5,700 for blacks.

Read more: http://www.foxnews.c.../#ixzz2A80jw0lN

The results of these studies were startling. Among those with no criminal record, white applicants were more than twice as likely to receive a callback relative to equally qualified black applicants. Even more troubling, whites with a felony conviction fared just as well, if not better, than a black applicant with a clean background.


Whites believe that they have replaced blacks as the primary victims of racial discrimination in contemporary America, according to a new study from researchers at Tufts University's School of Arts and Sciences and Harvard Business School.



Blacks and Latinos were nine times as likely as whites to be stopped by the police in New York City in 2009, but, once stopped, were no more likely to be arrested.


First, it is simply false that scholarships for people of color crowd out monies for white students. According to a national study by the General Accounting Office, less than four percent of scholarship money in the U.S. is represented by awards that consider race as a factor at all, while only 0.25 percent (one quarter of one percent) of all undergrad scholarship dollars come from awards that are restricted to persons of color alone (1). In other words, whites are fully capable of competing for and receiving any of the other monies — roughly 99.75 percent of all scholarship funds out there for college. Although this GAO study was conducted in the mid-’90s, there is little reason to expect that the numbers have changed since then. If anything, increasing backlash to affirmative action and fear of lawsuits brought by conservatives against such efforts would likely have further limited such awards as a percentage of national scholarships.


the title of that article is "A Bad Year for White Whine: College Scholarships and the Cult of Caucasian Victimhood" which owns

Posted Image

This study estimated differences by ethnicity in the diagnoses assigned prior to the diagnosis of autism. In this sample of 406 Medicaid-eligible children, African-Americans were 2.6 times less likely than white children to receive an autism diagnosis on their first specialty care visit.


The jury pools in these trials consisted of an average of 27 members from which juries of six people -- which Florida allows in felony trials -- plus an alternate, were seated. Because the eligible jury population in these counties was less than 5% black, jury pools typically included one or two black members. There was not a single black member of the jury pool in almost 40% of the trials.


huh it's almost as if it's really, really fuging hard to be black or latino in america because this country still has a significant racism problem to this day but yeah i'm sure the real problem is that minorities got "obamaphones" or what the fug ever

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Posted 23 October 2012 - 07:17 PM

Gotta love the soft science that is statistics. Let's people who don't actually know what they're talking about draw conclusions with absolutely no evidence of causation.



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Posted 23 October 2012 - 11:01 PM

gotta love science-fiction. let's people who don't know what they're talking about manufacture a dystopian universe to fit their own personal ideology which does not work in the real world and people will continue to buy your dumb books years after you've finally done the world a favor and fuging died already (but not before directly benefiting from the very social programs that you vehemently opposed for much of your miserable life)



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Posted 23 October 2012 - 11:27 PM

anyway yeah i'm sure it's just the fault of those obummerphones and it's just a quirk of statistics that white people hold on advantage in virtually every measurable aspect of american life, from socioeconomic class, to education, to employment, to incarceration

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Posted 24 October 2012 - 03:48 AM

Bottom line: Any candidate of either party that says they do not intend on cutting military spending is not serious about reducing the federal deficit.

Cutting government spending has been a major talking point for the GOP since well before President Reagan took office and yet not a single Republican President has been able to accomplish it.

Why? Because the GOP likes spending money on corporate welfare for the Military Industrial Complex even more than Democrats like spending it on the nation's poor and elderly.

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Posted 25 October 2012 - 02:43 PM

Did the early vote yesterday, looked at the names, thought about it for a second and pressed on Gary Johnson. Just couldn't vote for Romney or Obama.

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Posted 26 October 2012 - 02:02 AM

Watch the election not happen...just sayin :cool:

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Posted 26 October 2012 - 05:33 PM


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Posted 26 October 2012 - 05:55 PM


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