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The Ultimate List of Everything Wrong with the Panthers

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Like I said in the OP, Cam has more expectations than most young players because he is our QB. The most important position in all sports. (All American sports) Who cares if they question him about questioning the staff. He is already taking in criticism of not being a good QB. I feel this staff is putting him in this position, so he has every right to confront them.

See what I mean? And I don't even think he really criticized anyone...

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Cam is not the leader of your team he is your QB. Steve your team leader. Stop with the foolishness.

Here is a question, why does it seem week in and out you folks find something wrong with Cam, complains about it and the next minute, another team is doing the exact same thing and getting better results? It's like everytime you don't get the result you want blame Cam or throw out that play. Those are the only two modes that seem to be a theme with you folks.

When will you wake up? The sad thing is, the media wants to see Cam fail so badly,for no apparent reason except their over-driven egos, that they will never call out the Panthers and demand the team fix their issues. They will simply find ways to spin every lost as Cam's fault and spend endless hours criticizing and mocking him. And what do fans like you do, join in because you don't want to face reality.

Blaine played bad one week. media NEVER attacked him and blamed him for the Jags lost. Instead they blamed the ENTIRE TEAM and demanded the receivers and O-line step up their game. The following week, the team wins. Amazing how that works.

In all honesty...here is a reality check. The only job of your QB is to stear your team to VICTORY..If your team has been broken for sometime and has yet to be fixed, no matter how much you scream at the QB, your team will not go anywhere.

Steve is the leader of the team? Really? He's a wide receiver. The diva position of football. You come to Smitty if you want to get fired up, but not if you want to be lead. That is not Steve's personality. You seen his interviews off the field, Smitty is actually a very quite person. Don't mistake all his loud and boisterous action on the field for leadership qualities, or that he's an outgoing person. That is just the result of his competitive nature. I'm a quite person myself, but you put me in a position of competition, and you'll see a very active side on my part.

Yet all in all, Smitty is not the leader of this team. Who cares if he still wears a C on his jersey, that means nothing. If he is in fact the leader of the team, it's no wonder we are losing left and right. If Cam is not stepping up in being the leader of this team, then I found another valid point to criticize him on. Do you want a baby at QB, or do you want a guy who will take control on offense? I don't know about you, but I want the latter.

All the other stuff you are saying about me in blaming Cam for our losses are inaccurate. The media is saying Cam is having a sophmore slump, but I actually follow this team. I put the entirety of our bad play on the coaching staff. So save your speeches for guys who are calling Cam, sCam. Also, the media has in fact blamed Blaine Gabbert for losses.

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