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Bleacher Report:

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so the ultimate panther is an old, athletically ungifted white guy

methinks the writer has injected himself into the article

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Some of that article isnt bad. There is some truth in it. The part though about just letting Pep go is ludicrus at this point. The writer's arguement is to use the money to sign another DT for depth :skep: If the Panthers were going to unload Peppers they would have done it at the draft.

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    • Just another reminder the guy you voted for and the party you affiliate with is failing to govern and is going to get impeached in the near future. Your gonna need a lot of creativity to make your life bearable in the coming future. Down with Trump Down with Russia  
    • I finally was able to watch it last night.

      I thought it was a good episode.

      The trouble is that it has only been about the second or third good episode out of the second half 8 of this season.

      I like show Negan almost as much as the comic one, and I know that probably puts me in a minority, but I think JDM does a fantastic job.

      Also, show Eugene is easily one of my favorite characters at this point. Comic Eugene was/is kind of boring at times.

      This episode showed what I've been saying all along though, that Rick and Negan are rooted in the same character. Rick is more supported by the individuals in his group, while Negan is more the totalitarian. Rick is more moral-majority and Negan is more "I make the rules, and you better follow them." But at their base, they are exactly the same. They are just dudes trying to survive a zombie apocalypse the best way they know how, and they are trying to make the world work again.

      I can go ahead and spoil most of the finale, I think, if you want to be spoiled. It sounds pretty epic and intense.

    • I also haven't finished it yet and that's mainly because the guy playing Danny sucks. If they had gotten a better actor I think this show would have been so much better. As it stands now I have two episodes left to watch and no desire to do so, and I am one of those people who finishes everything once I start it.

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