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Kevin Greene

James Harrison's Child Taken To Hospital After Dog Bite

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I cannot believe this has been nothing but a Michael Vick Dog Fancy post. I think the bigger issue is with the abuse of power the government has on us.

How you say???

The fact is...... if you diss Barack Obama in front of the nation, media or Rachael Nichols...Oprah will unleash a signal to control any household animal to harm either yourself or a loved one. This has to be addressed and discussed.

Also, my Border Collie will not ****** a dog treat from my hand let alone ever have two seconds of rage and maul my 7 year old. Just do not have Pits if there are children around. Sorry Pit lovers but when Pitt supporters throw out weak arguments like: annoying chihuahuas bite more people than a pit....just try to recall the last chihuahua mauling that has happened.

But back to this point.....Show up Barack in public.....Tragedy follows close....

walk away from the bong.

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Oprah will be at your door with a Pitt my fellow Panther poster.:lurk5:
i'll make sure to keep an extra cheesecake in the fridge.

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no but i have taken a dry erase marker from my 20 month old daughter a couple days ago and regretted it. such sad eyes. big tears. i'm buying her a jaguar when she's 12.

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Whatever a Choad is.

Another word for taint or Gooch....or.....

From Urban Dictionary:

Usually penis, penis wider than it is long, or the area between the penis and anus. Taken from colloquial Spanish.

A penis, usually wider than long. (actually this is basically not possible so this is a better definition: It is a slang for a penis that is usually thick in appearance and short in length.)

The perineal area between the scrotum and anus. Also called grundle, gooch, taint, or durf.

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