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Changes I would like to see

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Disclaimer: I don't consider myself an expert of any kind so be gentle lol

Offense: I know it has been beat to death but let's calm down on the option. The play takes too long plus it is free game for the defense to light up either the QB or the RB for no reason. I want to see more power I formations, more singleback and less shotgun. I watch how the Redskins use RG3. They use the running game to set up play action and it is working for them. Someone not so long posted a stat that showed Cam completion percentage being in the top 3 off playaction. Why not ride that? As for Cam, he needs to go through his checkdowns faster. He needs to keep an eye on Olsen because he is open just about every play. We don't need the home run play each down. We can nickel and dime them as long as it moves the chains which keeps the opposing teams offense off the field. The offense is really easy to fix, if only the coaching staff will adjust to what the defense is giving them.

Defense: While not playing lights out, they have giving us opportunities. I am starting to love this Luke kid more and more. He is going to be the leader of this defense for years to come. He has IT. I want our dbs to play a little more press. The 10 yard cushion has to go, especially on 3rd and 3. Better biltz packages wouldn't hurt. Let's face it, we are not getting enough pressure at the dline so why need send TD or Luke in on a blitz to help out. They are the best blitz guys that we have. Really don't have much to say here.

Coaching: Let's see some fire! Encourage the players and get in their grill when they are not playing up to par. They need to learn to make better adjustments. If something is not working, adjust. I understand they may have a gameplan but you have to be flexible. Adjust to what the defense is giving you.

Fans: Yeah I will go here. I am just as frustrated as anyone else. A fan is a fan whether they were here in 95 or just now came aboard. Let's rally around our guys. Its fair to have constructive criticism when guys are slacking but the comments I see on the Panthers and players' facebook are down right insulting. I heard names that I refuse to post on here because it is pathetic. Let's get it together.

Feel free to add. Just a few of my thoughts. Excuse the grammar. :)

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Offense: conventional sets....I formation and under center, offensive system is hampering cam which everyone knows

Defense: our pass rush wasn't an issue until this game tbh...need more talent in the secondary, but I like that against Dallas there was alot of tighter man coverage...DBs didn't look afraid

Coaching: we need good coaches

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