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I was never jealous of people on welfare, until today.

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So, a little background on me. I am an Army vet, and after voluntarily getting out of the military I have not had an easy time financially.

I now work as a cable TV technician. I don't even bring in $2,000 a month. I have a wife and two kids.

I have never been jealous of people on welfare. I always told myself "They don't have a desirable life, they live in poo, etc..."

Today may have changed my outlook though.

Being a cable tech is not easy. It is sweaty, dirty, and sometimes dangerous. I subject myself to crawling under houses, going into infested homes, and I could face any kind of disease from poorly cleaned homes that I may bring home to my family.

So today, it really upset me to visit the low income housing complex that I have been to several times before.

It was 8am. I knocked on the door and a lady with a shower cap and pajamas came stumbling to the door. She had just rolled out of bed.

She said her tv wasn't working properly. This was the truth, because she had tore the damn outlet out of the wall jumping on her bed and generally being a fatass.

All she did was complain. She kept asking me "When you leavin"? and saying "Dat udder guy aint know what he wuu doan"

I am sure she wanted me to leave so she could sell her drugs, do them, and then get her lazy ass back in bed.

Sure enough, her room was empty when I worked on it, and after I returned from fixing her son's room, and there was some dude laying in bed, sleeping, making a face like I was just such and inconvenience to him.

The woman continued to complain about an imaginary noise she seemed to think her receiver was making. She even asked me "Is you deff?"

The part that upset me more than them being home, and obviously ready to jump back in bed because I was such a pain to them, was the amount of food in their refrigerator.

I am barely able to feed my family, and I have missed a few meals to do so. This lazy piece of poo had her entire freezer full of meat. It almost fell out there was so much of it. Her fridge was stocked the the brim with drinks, milk, and anything else you can think of. The worst part of all this is that even though she has an assload of found and probably pays less than $50 to live in her shithole, she probably still continues to steal stuff and do drugs.

I know this is stereotyping and probably sounds racist, but I would have the same feelings about the situation no matter what race this person was.

Am I bitter? Am I jealous? I don't know. I just wish things were different.

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Marine Corps here myself, found myself in the same situation when I got out.Hope your situation turns around. The other day I had a single mom ask me if I needed any milk because she was on WIC and had some extra. I said thanks but no thanks, and found out in the process this lady was authorized something like 10 gallons a week or something crazy. It's a lifestyle problem we have and it's going to take a long while to fix it

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that sucks. welfare is one of those things where there are always going to be people abusing it, but there are good people who actually need it. thank you for your service, all of us who didn't serve really appreciate it.

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i mean it's entirely possible she was everything the OP described, but i don't think it's fair to just assume these things based on misconceptions correlating race, drug use, laziness, etc.

OP, what evidence do you have to suggest that she (they) were just jobless thieves (you said she steals stuff) and drug users (you speculated she couldn't wait for you to leave so she could sell more) and drug dealers (you speculated she couldn't wait for you to leave so she could also sell more)? is this speculation alone?

is it possible she worked a night job to be able to afford stocking her freezer?

if all these things you have mentioned are true, than you're right, there is an injustice. but i see nothing but a poor personal experience that you had synthesized with a bunch of baseless conjecture, and, frankly, extremely offensive stereotypes that belong in the mid nineteenth century. unfortunately what ramblings like this do is confirm the stereotype to people who agree with the general sentiment of what you've expressed here and subliminally bolster this sort of methodology as an acceptable one because it seems correlates with the reader's own experiences and sentiments on the surface.

not cool OP. i hope you re-think this.

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back in my wild days i have dealt drugs as well as work for a rent to own company. argubably they are one in the same but that's not the point here.

i dealt to or repo'd ALL types of people. it really happens out there.

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Since I have a truck & decided to not work grounds keeping this summer to take care of our son, (easy decision since decent childcare would cost more than I would've made.)I played proxy for several people that are on food stamps or WIC.

I became very intimate with the process & results of dealing with it while thankfully not on it & I have to say fug no I'm not jealous.

Now granted that these people are using the system as intended & not gaming it, but therein lies the rub. For example take Tracy who is going to school, & working pooty jobs to take care of herself & River (her daughter) & needs WIC to make ends meet. Her WIC is a set number of products on vouchers that she can get like a dozen eggs, 2 gal milk, 48 oz of cereal, 5 cans of tuna, 18 oz jar of peanut butter, one loaf of bread on one voucher. 36 oz of juice, 4 cans of vegetables, 1lb of cheese, 3 cans of beans, & one gal of milk for.the other voucher. That was for the month.

Or for the food stamps, Fred & Wilma, (no poo!) got an ebt card that had $110 put on it every month.

Now these people all work at the faire like me but unlike me (& my wife) they get paid crap. They are working to get off of it & in time they will. I just find it sad that people who game the system, like my brother & sister in law, could make people like Tracy, Fred & Wilma's lives suck even more. (The in laws piss me off extra because they love pointing out the fact that they are "Conservatives who believe in hard work & freedom" while on state medical care, WiC, & food stamps because he'd rather hunt & fish than work, & she got her BA in visual arts & got her dad , my wife's stepdad, to let her use his hunting cabin as a studio where she paints poo to never sell. Also, they drop their kid off at mom& stepdad in laws for free childcare... I'm just gonna stop. That's a whole nother pile O'poo.)

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