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SNF: Saints* @ Broncos...

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Sure nice to see Peyton being a top 3 QB again.

Peyton did well tonight.

Really think Broncos will be a force in the league for the next few years.

Their FA acquisitions are now coming together nicely. They have the weakest schedule of any team in the league from this point forward. Hard to see how they don't make it to the playoffs.

While I usually appreciated Fox's defenses in Carolina, I found his offenses less than inspiring. With Peyton now running the offense, I think Fox has an ideal setup in Denver.

Just goes to show what a good front office can accomplish in just two years.

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I'm happy for Fox. He's getting to coach how he wants to, and he's winning (which shows his losing here was not just his fault). They showed a graphic of the teams they have left to play and it's an easy road. They'll be in the Playoffs. I'd totally root for Fox and Peyton in the SB since we have zero shot at it.

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