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Samuel L. Jackson

You fail at religion if:

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You fail when you keep grasping at straws to debunk something that doesn't seem to exist and yet the time you spend on said myth seems to imply you are alot more worried about the unknown than you care to admit publicly.
He was putting down religion,not God!

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Take it, or leave it- and you will burn.

I find it hard to stomach that a God as supposedly powerful as the God of christianity would require simple acceptance as the ticket to heaven.

You can be a truly sh*tty human being, but as long as christ is in your heart, you are in the eternal club.

No sale.

A creator, stand-offish god....ok. Maybe.

The personal, prayermail answering type....please.

Because that god lets Falwell in, and tells Ghandi and the completely selfless Buddhist, or me, we're eternally damned.

And IMO the "eternally damned" run the risk of being labelled subhuman, and treated as such.

Substitute any major world religion if it offends you less as the persecutor.

I agree on the jackasses and then call themselves christians. Doesn't do much good for anyone. However, I would counter and say if Christ TRULY was in their heart or they really followed him, doubt they would be that way.

It's the same argument for people who get hung up on relgious wars and just because someone says they are a christian it must be so. Saying and being are too different things. Why people can't figure that out boggles my mind.

I don't see anything wrong with personal prayer. If it helps someone to either feel connected or get thru life, is that any different than taking a drink or a drug or fill in the blank.

I also agree on the subhuman part. And again I counter, doubt very seriously the person is a true christian. Look at how Jesus treated people in the bible then look at the persons you run into. Huge difference no?

Finally. Yeah, that is a tough one on who gets in. Glad that isn't my job to judge. God could let everyone in if he wants to.

Just because someone goes to church 4 days a week and does all the right stuff doesn't mean they are locked in either. Again, saying you are a christian and being one are not the same.

The fire and brimstone is mentioned in the bible but once again, look at how Jesus treated people. That is who I try to follow as best I can. I screw up left and right and try to be wary of those flaws.

Epi I hate the fact that you have dealt with a ton of religious nim rods, that ain't how its suppose to be man. There are more fair minded, understanding and non condemning christians than those yahoos.

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