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King Taharqa

So no posts about leadership?

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There are users on this board that have been overly and unfairly critical of Cam. I do not know their motivation.

The majority of the users on this board are overwhelmingly supportive of Cam.

I personally don't think Cam has played nearly as poorly as has been portrayed in the media. I blame our 6 losses mainly on poor coaching... and yes, Cam and others on the offense have had poor production at times this year.

I do think that Cam has a lot of growing up to do, and when he figures out how to be that leader and role model to the other players both on the field playing and on the sidelines, even when things are not going well, and really especially when things aren't going well, we are going to win a lot of championships.

Unfortunately for you KT, you WANT people to complain about Cam so you can say "see, I told you guys that you would complain..."

...and a lot of the idiots on this board have been giving you exactly what you expected.

Listen to what Zod was saying earlier in the thread... it was reasonable and true. Doesn't matter whether you like it or not.... and as hard as it is for you, give the rest of us (minus the idiots, and you know who they are) a little credit.

Cam Newton is MY quarterback. Period.

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Because I dont believe our defense is the steel curtain?

Are you going to make a "Greg Hardy must win this week" thread?

How bout a "Charles Johnson must step up for us to beat Peyton" thread?

Those guys played well today and did their job, but winning and losing doesnt hinge at all on what they do. Cam and his leadership have everything to do with us winning or losing. He throws a pick, we lose no matter how many sacks CJ & Hardy get. They had a bunch last week, and we still lost. I think you guys are underestimating how much this team lives and dies with how well Cameron plays. Its a lot easier to be agressive on D when you have a comfortable lead versus playing from behind.

People only underestimate how much Cam has to do with our wins when we win. When we lose, we lost because he wears a towel over his head. Yesterday he was up with the towel on his head and going over plays. I get what your saying dude and since we have never had a franchise QB, people take all he does good or bad for granted.

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Let's not go overboard here, we won because we played an inferior team. From a fans view of the game, no one acted more like a leader than any other Sunday. We do seem to be playing with fire, but we have been the past couple weeks. If anything, the defense would be inspiring to our offense, not the other way around.

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