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Top 5 Plays from Sundays win Vs Skins

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Williams TD Run:


The Skins had just gone down and kicked a FG. We had already punted once and it looked like it was going to be another day where were scratch and claw and lose in the end. But to jump out to a 7-3 lead was nice and put a cap to a long drive that kept our Defense fresh.

Josh Thomas set the edge:


Probably the play of the game. Thomas stayed with his man and made it virtually impossible for RG3 to get in because he made the room for the wall of Panthers to stop the Skins on a extra-long drive that came up with 0 points.

Smitty's 1st TD before halftime:


After we hold them on 4th and goal- to drive all the way down the field, with Cam injuring his finger, and score a TD= simply put- it was huge. This allowed our Defense to pin their ears back the rest of the game and attack RG3.

Armanti who??


The icing on the cake and sealed the deal, almost. Really was just a busted coverage by the worst secondary in the league, but still was good to see him make a big play. Hell, any play..



These past 2 games have given us all hope for the season, if not the future years to come. CJ and Hardy kinda sounds like Peppers and Rucker. Edwards and Edwards kinda sound like Jenk and Buck... am I wrong? Probably getting alittle ahead of myself but this line looks like it could be nice for a couple more years.

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Also liked Norman jumping the route and popping Moss while almost getting the int. I think the skins wrs were pulling up late in the game cause we were bringn the hammer all day.

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Coaching staff must have got on hardy good because hes playing lights out now!

That and he's got competition behind him.

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Hardy Just has to keep consistent and keep playing comfortable football. I usually play as him in madden and make him look like a straight beast so i really hope the best for him.

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I love that last pic of Hardy tackling Bob. It looks like he got some really good eye contact in as they were going down.

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