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Panthers vs Skins Game Grades

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Never done the Game Grades before, figured I might as well.


Efficient. Effective. Energetic. 5-11 on 3rd down conversions is a great number. 9 rushing first downs, 6 passing first downs is another great number. O-line didnt allow a SINGLE sack. Stew, D-Will and Cam all ran the ball well. This game showed how well rounded our offense can be. Not one STAR but everyone contributed. Hell even Armanti had a big play. Only downside is Tolbert's running. Been disappointed in him.

Grade A-


This unit has completely switched gears from last season and earlier this year. They play hard. They swarm to the ball. They are making solid tackles. They have good pursuit. Best of all, WE HAVE A PASS RUSH!!!! As incomprehensible as it sounds, we have played better without Beason and Gamble in the lineup. I think a lot of this has to do with our sensational rookie LBer, Kuechly and Thomas Davis.. They are both very very hard workers and I think the team is taking their lead and busting their ass. The defense still has major flaws but they are showing that consistent effort can cover up a lot.

Grade A


Best coaching game plan of the season, offensively and defensively. In the last two weeks we have simplified the offensive play calling and we have benefited from it. his has been pointed out before but when Cam doesn't have to throw all day, we generally play MUCH better. Same story here. 50 total plays: 23 passes, 27 rushes. Very even, kept the Skins Defense off balance all day. Utilized our TEs against a team that struggles to cover them, very smart. If Chud keeps calling games like this, he will save his job.

Rivera and McDermott put together a great scheme against RGIII as well. We had a pass rush all day and I don't recall too many blitzes. We were prepared for the Skins short passing game (design checkdowns, HB screens, and WR screens). And we generally slowed down Alfred Morris and RGIII running the ball (although they did end up with 150 total yards). Best stat of all for the defense and defensive coaching: Washing 3-15 3rd down conversions. We have struggled all year getting off of the field on 3rd downs but Sunday was a different story. Lets hope this positive trend continues.

Grade A

Special Teams

Nothing special here. Still don't know how our ST coach has a job. We allow more blocked kicks, punts, big run backs than any team I can remember. That trend continued today.

Grade C-

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I think you're being a little too critical. They had the ball for 24 minutes, 11 less than Washington and had just as many yards. 2 90+ play drives. Over 50% on 3rd down converstions. No turnovers. What else do you want?

And talking about WRs getting open quicker, WHO DO YOU EXPECT TO DO IT? Look at who our WRs are!! Our starting WRs were Smith, Murphy, and Pilares. Then Armanti. C`mon, give credit where it's due.

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Washington's defense is depleted and just bad. An A- offense would at least put 30+ on them. But considering the two long drives that may bolster that grade a bit.

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