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Honestly, I'm not stoned...

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...but something I think we may brush off as 10+ years away may actually be the most achievable bipartisan beginning that could honestly propel something new and I'm not kidding: that green ole' plant

Over the past year or so, we have had likes of rather top people on the right in Pat Robertson, Tom Tancredo, Michael Baumgartner, etc. now moving over to the legalization side of things. You already have the more libertarians covered, and maybe now a decent chunk of the religious base.

They're gonna have to start changing things that don't have a direct effect on their base social favorings and I think this is one thing they could come to the middle with the most ease given the political landscape is pot and its the perfect item to do so with.

Pretty much the most religious leader in their community has even figured this one out. If we need to look for some ground to make up on gridlock, you may laugh but I think this could have a chance.

3 states will likely legalize it and the issue will go full on mainstream bs-athon ...I mean this is a media fun fest waiting to happen. They'll make bank themselves.

If we want to chill the tone, well there you go for a start

Then on to the important things haha..which are....more important


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Only two states legalized it unless you are including Mass legalizing it for medical purposes.

Although federal law will trump these state laws, hopefully this will create a serious discussion in Washington.

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    • If Fournette is gone, Thomas is next in line. We aren't trading down.

      Some people think Bo is a pretty fair comparison.

      Didn't Lennie clock a faster top speed than Ted Ginn this year?

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    • It's amazing to me that this forum has always been gloves off, but ever since November, sensitivity, not just here but EVERYWHERE, is at an all-time high.  Everyone wants to be mad, everyone wants to be outraged, and everyone is being victimized. TBH, when you have a leader that perpetuates constant chaos and employs vitriol as his only means of communication, don't be surprised when the citizenry adopts that same style of hysteria as a way of life. It's just where we are.  I don't approve of anyone wishing harm on others, nor do I think anything gets solved with name-calling or aggressive finger pointing, but those things have always happened, especially in the TB.  I think the difference is everything is so emotionally-charged both in sending and receiving messages.  IMO, it started with politics and has bled over into everything else...  same crap keeps happening in the main forum - people disagree, people don't like that others disagree with them and beg for them to be silenced or attacked.   Oh well, welcome to 2017.