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If you could own any type of property

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charlotte49er    100

About a 100 acres with the Klamath River in California running through it!


Screw the State of California and their anti-dredging rules. It would be private property. And if they asked nicely, I MIGHT let fly fisherman on it! (Unless you are of a couple of my buddies who fly fish, they'd be welcome anytime.)

There's gold in that there river!


I'd have the largest prospecting store in the world! (Not to mention a place where all my friends could come out on vacation and play in the dirt!)

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Anybodyhome    4,736

This island just off the coast of Cairns, Queensland, Australia. It is currently for sale at $8M AUD (Australian dollars) which equates to $8.325M today. 42.7 acres and is totally private.


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