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Quietly reaching debt ceiling again......

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Bond holders....you mean people who loan the government money expecting it to be paid back?

Running any type of debt is foolish if you can avoid it, family, business, government.

It's not taking money out of the economy if it's not taken. Lower the tax rates.

You are the devil for that last statement. To a liberal, it is like cutting off your fingers

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How would this affect the average citizen? How would debt be affected (credit, student loans, etc.)... This may be a question best for Jase or pstall...

As we continue to borrow money our credit rating will continue to be dropped as we are more and more likely to not be able to pay it back.

As the rating is dropped, money becomes more expensive to borrow, meaning we are paying more interest on our loans.

When we pay more interest on our loans we either have to cut programs, or raise taxes to cover the difference, all the while not tackling the original principle.

Honestly, I am nervous about it.

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Doesn't take long to ruin an economy. California is only 12 short years removed from Pete Wilson. Under Wilson's policies Ca flourished to the point they didn't know what to do with all the money and taxpayers were issued refunds.

Enter Davis, only the 2nd governor ever recalled in US history. His policies left CA billions in debt. The Schhwartz tried but could get nothing done under Dem controlled houses. Sound familiar? Now Moon Child actually got elected again, decades later.

Plenty more taxes added to CA taxpayers burden Tuesday just trying to keep schools going. Hang tight, it's coming to a state near you. We'll all get the Fed increase.

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